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Alex Salmond plans to fast-track Scotland’s entry to Eurovision if the ‘Yes’ campaign wins

Scotland and the UK at Eurovision? Photo :

Scotland and the UK at Eurovision? Photo :

“Alex Salmond plans to fast-track Scotland’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest if the Yes campaign wins”. That has been all over the internet today. The Scottish vote on Independence is too close to call it seems that every single potential voter is being targeted by both sides of the debate.

To be talking of Eurovision as a deal breaker for a voter is ludicrous in my opinion but who am I to judge? The Scottish debate is and will be a highly emotive topic for a long time to come after the vote next Thursday September 18th.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond launched the Scottish government’s independence blueprint last year and this 670 page document “which contains the arguments in favour of independence and is intended as a guide to what might happen if it is achieved” . Proposal #474 reads as follows

Scottish White Paper on Independence. Photo : BBC

Scottish White Paper on Independence. Photo : BBC

Would the Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS) join the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)?

Yes, The SBS would seek membership of the EBU and would be an active and constructive partner in the organisation according to the ‘Yes Campaign’. As part of this participation, they envisage SBS engaging with some of the EBU competitions, including Scottish entries at the Eurovision Song Contest”

In order to join, the new Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS), which the SNP has pledged to create after a Yes vote, would apply to join the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The new broadcaster would be funded by the Scottish share of BBC licence fee income.

Yes campaigners have even speculated that Lulu, the Scottish singer who won Eurovision for the UK in 1969 with “Boom Bang-a-Bang”, could return to perform the nation’s first entry. When you are in an election this close it seems that all symbols of nationalism are fair game!

“However pro-union singers who prefer the current Eurovision arrangement would be free to cross the border and perform for the United Kingdom.”

According to 1Click news

A Eurovision spokesman said: An independent Scotland will be free to apply to join the 46 nations which currently take part in Eurovision. Many new nations have joined over the past years. First they have to apply to join the European Broadcasting Union which stages the event.”

An independent Scotland would like all other broadcasters have to pay an application fee in order to join the EBU.

Questions that it poses – should the yes campaign win next week – should Scotland enter Eurovision as a competitor and be successful in the contest, would this then diminish the UK’s case to remain as one of the Big 5 countries that gain automatic qualification to the Grand Final?

Potential Scottish Eurovision entrants to ponder over include Susan Boyle, Emeli Sande, Annie Lennox, KT Tunstall, Jimmy Somerville, Sharleen Spiteri and Calvin Harris.

Scotland can join the EBU without becoming a member of the EU first.

This is a vote that will have an impact on a nation for years to come no matter which side wins next week. It just amazes us that Eurovision participation could be a deal breaker for a voter. However with the break up of the former USSR and Yugoslavia – Eurovision has taken on a massive role for defining national identity. Would SBS see the contest in the same light?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : 1ClickNews

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    • We agree but from looking at the BBC’s interviews with the public some people are placing importance on social/cultural aspects so I guess some may be swayed.

      Speaking to our Scottish writers they tell us that the vote is creating a lot of tension within families who differ. It is an emotive vote next week

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