Eurovision Ireland’s Guide To Vienna for Eurovision 2015 – PART 1 ‘Dates & Walkabouts’

Welcome to Vienna. Photo :

Welcome to Vienna. Photo :

Hello to all our Eurovision Ireland family. I am sure you are now looking for flights and hotels to Vienna for Eurovision 2015. Well we here at Eurovision Ireland are going to bring you regular updates on the beautiful city of Vienna so you can get the most from your trip to the host city of Eurovision 2015. We will cover all the practical, cultural, social and hidden joys that the city has to offer over the weeks. We will have some surprises along the way.

So as an introduction let’s ease you into Vienna. We will be gentle – trust us! Part 1 – ‘Dates & Walkabouts’.

Here are a few upcoming dates that Vienna and ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) will be paying attention to along with some news on a ‘Viennese Walkabout’.


Dates To Keep In Mind


ORF - Eurovision Host City. Photo : ORF

ORF – Eurovision Host City . Photo : ORF

End of August – It is expected that the Slogan/Theme for Eurovision 2015 will be announced. Remember this is a Big Birthday for Eurovision – 60 years young! .

In September – Completion of contracts between ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Host City of Vienna.

October – Budgets for the event are expected to be submitted/finalised.

January to March 2015 – The Austrian National Eurovision selection process will take place.

May 19th 2015 , the first semi-final will take place in Vienna.

On May 21st 2015 , the second semi-final is scheduled.

On May 23rd 2015 the grand finale comes on the stage.


Source : Kleine Zeitung


Viennese Walkabout


Vienna Pedestrianized. Photo :

Vienna Pedestrianized. Photo :

Plans and construction have already begun to pedestrianize the centre of Vienna. There are 13 zones in the city centre and the plan is to pedestrianize the full area. The first location already nearing completion is that of ‘Habsburgerasse’ (zone 1 on the above map) and this will be a pilot scheme. Should the project be a success then the other 12 zones are to be completed. This initiative is being led by City-leader of the Green Party Alexander Hirschenhauser saying “This brings consideration and traffic safety.” 

Work in Vienna City Centre. Photo :

Work in Vienna City Centre. Photo :


Depending how the pilot scheme goes in  ‘Habsburgerasse’ you could find the 13 zones of the city centre of Vienna free from traffic and ready for a ‘Fan Mile’ to knock the socks off Copenhagen.

We will have more news on Vienna next week for you so get your on-line scrapbooks ready for all the information we will give you.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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