Eurovision 2014

‘Evita’ Musical gets the Swedish Eurovision Schlager Treatment

Evita. Photo : OneMoreProductions

Evita. Photo : OneMoreProductions

‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ or Stockholm for that matter. Yes the multi award-winning and Hollywood blockbuster movie is set to get the Swedish Schlager Eurovision treatment and probably a wind machine too. Yes a Eurovision winner is set to step into the shoes of “Eva Perón”.

September 27th is the premier of ‘Evita’ starring the 1999 Eurovision winner Charlotte Perrelli. She is deep in rehearsals though she gave a preview of her upcoming role at ‘Sommarkrysset’ last month.

Dance rehearsals are in full force as you can see HERE

The show will be playing in the Gota Lejon theatre in Stockholm – Tickets HERE


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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