How Did Conchita Wurst Win Eurovision 2014? Video Diary to Victory

Conchita's Road To Eurovision Victory. Photo : Andres Putting (EBU)

Conchita’s Road To Eurovision Victory. Photo : Andres Putting (EBU)

Just how did Conchita Wurst win Eurovision 2014? Well it all started back in September 2013 when it was announced that she had been internally selected to represent Austria at Eurovision 2014.

Wurst had narrowly missed out on representing Austria at Eurovision 2012 when she lost out to The Trackshittaz with the song “That’s What I Am”. 

She didn’t enter the 2013 selection process but with the work of her manager René, she secured the 2014 Austrian nomination for Eurovision.

We first met Conchita here in Dublin last November when she appeared on Irish tv. We had the pleasure to spend the evening with Conchita and conduct our own Interview with singer. We got a deep insight into Conchita, Her Hopes and Wishes for Eurovision 2014 and beyond.


Conchita then embarked on a promotional tour across Europe that lasted for several months. Performing and speaking to press in countries from Estonia to Ireland. Then came the video release of “Rise Like A Phoenix” for Eurovision 2014 on March 18th.


It soon became clear that the media interest in Conchita would be immense at Eurovision. We were fortunate to meet up again with Conchita at the “Eurovision In Concert” event in Amsterdam. Plans were in full preparation for Eurovision 2014 by then. As always we had another wonderful time with Conchita.


Press continued for Conchita and the stage performance for Eurovision was conceived. We will let you into an unknown fact now. When Conchita and her Manager René were in discussions with ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) on how to stage “Rise Like A Phoenix” on the Eurovision Stage, they used the performance of Ott Lepland’s “Kuula” from Eurovision 2012 in Baku as inspiration.

Then came Copenhagen! We first had to give Conchita a small present at her first press conference – and I don’t mean the terrible striptease!


However we got to spend quality time with Conchita after that press conference and we got to know how she was coping with the huge level of expectation on her at the contest. As always we had fun along the way!


There was only one thing left and that was the Grand Final Performance that turned into a Eurovision Winning Performance – as we predicted.


This was the how Conchita Wurst went on to win Eurovision 2014 and bring the contest back to Austria. The last time they won the contest was in 1966 when Udo Jürgens sang the song Merci, Chérie“. Will Conchita present the contest next year? We certainly hope so!


Bravo Conchita!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Conchita got tons of press attention ahead of the competition so the commentators around Europe were gushing over Austria during the semi & grand-finals. What I liked about her is that she worked hard to promote Austria. Unlike some past winners, we saw Conchita participating in most of the Eurovision concert events this year and made some friends with other participants like Ruth Lorenzo from Spain 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Conchita! A fantastic victory, and totally deserved. Best wishes to her and her career. (And to Tom, too.)

  3. She comes across as likeable in every interview. A very worthy winner.

    I love that 1st to 5th places in the final were such strong singers with strong songs and no gimmicks.
    Ok some might say see Conchita as a gimmick, but if it been a contest on radio then her song and vocal would still put her at the top end of the scoreboard. Well done Austria 🙂

  4. Maybe RTE could learn something from this and take on board the selection process and promotional tour.

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