PHOTO GALLERY: Grand Final after-show party

So another Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone.  Eurovision Ireland made it to the after-show party at the Euroclub, for a few final photos of performers, fans and delegates.  Are you amongst them?

A few of our American friends made it there.  Are you one of them?



Or maybe you’re an important player in the contest’s running.



Or are you a performer?


Or just enjoying the party now the pressure was off.


Are you an engaged couple?


Or a performer who thinks the best thing about Eurovision is the fans.


Thanks to everyone who posed for these photos during Eurovision fortnight for Eurovision Ireland.  We’ll be back with more of these photos at the 60th(!) Eurovision Song Contest in Austria.



Author: John Stanton

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  1. That’s a lovely pic of Carl Espen – he almost looks like a different person when he smiles.

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