JURY VOTING Eurovision Grand Final Rolling Blog – Friday May 9th 21:00 (CET)

Eurovision Jury Voting Rehearsal. Photo : BBC

Eurovision Jury Voting Rehearsal. Photo : BBC

Here is the BIG ONE! The Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal is tonight so #JoinUs at 21:00 (CET) for our LIVE BLOG. You know the deal by now – “Just Refresh The Page” for the up to date commentary from our team. You can keep a score on the BBC’s scorecard #FAB. Join Andrew James Main as he trawls through this all important Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal and try and predict a Top 10 for you.


Welcome to tonight’s live blog of the jury final. The show begins. A recap of last years Grand Final in Malmo. The trophy is placed on the Eurovision stage then we see the arena and a montage of Copenhagen alongside a version of Dansevise. Then we see all the flags outside the arena then entering the stage. We get a dancing with flags.

Then we have a multi fireworks display on the stage and backdrop. All the artists are introduced onto the stage with the flag on the backdrop. A lovely touch and better than last years catwalk bridge in Malmo. Then the hosts enter the stage.

A good crowd in tonight for the jury final. We see all countries on the graphics and an explanation of the voting procedure. So moving on the show begins with the first song. The postcards are also explained.


One of the favourites is on first, a slow builder for 30 seconds then it jumps in with the beat. Hamster wheel abounds on the stage with a male dancer inside it contorting and running. Maria lovely in a black dress. The camera work is slick and lots of blue with spotlights as the backdrop. Some good close up camera work of the dancers faces. Some pitching problems with the higher notes tonight. Maria gets up onto the wheel at some point. Overall a good but not perfect vocal performance. Possible 5-12th.


Teo on next with Cheesecake. Very upbeat and modern beat he is joined on stage by 4 dancer/singers giving us a boyband effect. The performance is polished and simple. The big improvement on his English diction helps this immensely. Not a lot wrong with this , vocally its perfect but am not convinced it will be remembered enough later after so many songs. Possible 18-23rd.


Dilara looks stunning in a red dress and is joined on stage by a trapeze artist. The setting is very dark with hints of blue/purple haze. I do not really see the advantage of the trapeze to be honest as this is a simple sweet ballad that needs no elaboration. Dilara is singing well tonight. This should go down well with the juries tonight. Its a flawless simple performance which may be overlooked a little by televoters tomorrow unless your from the east.  Good solid effort Possible 8-15th.


Pollaplonk hit the stage in their rainbow suits on , very very colourful. Very jolly performance of this song with a message about prejudice. Its got a good vibe and is fresh after the slow ballad before it. This is more likely to appeal to televoters. Vocally its another good performance here. Possible 15-20th


Carl Espen on now for Norway with his hauntingly fragile ballad. Opening shot of the pianist lots of smoke on the stage sets the mood nicely, the vocals are so soulful and fragile which gives this its appeal. All the audience have lit up their mobile phones which looks amazing on camera shots. The vocals are the best of the week from Carl , really strong and good. This is going to score really well tonight with juries, Wow what a strong finish, really great. Possible 5-12th.


Ovi and Paula return for Romania with Miracle. We start with a video image of  Paula which disappears and she enters from other side of stage. Very good beat to this one, some of Ovi’s early vocal is a bit pitchy. The circular keyboard is used in some camera shots quite effectively. We have fire on the stage then Paula goes through her high range with no effort. A good performance though tonight. Possibly 8-13th


Aram MP3 up next with one of the early favourites which has drifted down to 4th. The ballad starts very quiet and slow then gives us a slow build up till we then hit a dubstep beat. Its a very strong performance. Great use of lighting and backdrop to set the mood of this. We have fire when the dubstep hits us full on, looks amazing on camera. This is still a contender as it will pick up jury votes as well as eastern votes by the shed load. Possible 3-7th


Serjey is a tall bloke and bring a beautiful Balkan ballad to the stage in the Final for the first ever time for his country. This is exactly what it says it should be well sung and beautifully staged, the skater floats about around him emitting a white trail behind her, very poetic and arty.  This is vocally flawless and will score highly tonight. Possible 10-17th.


Cleo and her wenches on next for Poland, We have a very uplifting forward song which gives us elements of folk costume, folk dance and lovely busty women all set off to a deep dubstep beat, this has already been a huge hit in Poland. Its frivolous and harmless fun and quiet an eyeful for the busty moments. It has its charm but not sure the juries would go for it in a big way. Some of the vocals toward the end are a bit off. Possible 18 -24th.


The boys from Greece( and London) on next with Rise Up. We get a really catchy uptempo pop beat to this, Infectious to all for dancing to, it starts off with a bit of rap then kicks in. Very bouncy some of the vocals are ropey. But its a sure crowd pleaser. Some of interacting camera work is good. Lots of crowd shots as they use the catwalks. Then we see the trampoliner who flicks and spins then we get a slo mo and the singers are on the trampoline too a great finish. Possible 3-7th.


A big favourite now from Conchita. She is in spotlights but her face is hidden at first. We have falling fire on the backdrop. This song builds really nicely. The vocals are quite flawless and get stronger and stronger. When we reach the crescendo the phoenix wings in flames on the backdrop look amazing. This will score heavily tonight. Possible winner, certainly top 5.


First of the big 5 on now. Its a very midtempo song with accordions and strings influencing it. The vocals are perfectly fine but the song just plods along going nowhere fast. It has no sparkle or stage presence. A good performance nonetheless. Possible 20-26th. Ticker tape at the ending is totally wrong as it goes all over the band and impeded the last moments of the performance.

We have a break now with a look at the Eurovision record books again.


Sanna on next for Sweden. She looks lovely in a black lacy dress, good use of spotlight to create a cone effect. Lots of sparkling twinkling lights on the backdrop. The audience have their mobile phone lights switched on again. A flawless vocal performance here from Sanna as the song builds strongly. A lovely ballad which is popular in the betting and in the hall. Possible 6-10th.


A pop dance group on for France now. Twin Twin are happy and fun. Very colourful backdrop. The vocals are not flawless but a bit all over the place but the beat of the song makes up for it. I think this will score poorly tonight but better on Saturday giving it a position in the lower part of the scoreboard. Possible 14-20th.


Another set of twins on next for Russia. They have won Junior Eurovision before for their country. The vocals are very poor at the first few bars(nerves?) but soon recover. The seesaw is used and the girls are in white dresses. The song is a gentle inoffensive mid tempo song which does not really go anywhere. But it is well staged and produced even if the gimmicks are a bit silly. Possible 10-20th.


Emma is a real rock chick meets Roman goddess, sparkling in white and gold she sells her rock influenced song very well. She struts onto the catwalk, then crawls back along it. She is very breathy at times with the vocal. It is very dramatic and Italian and may well score well across the board as its pretty solid. Possible 10-15th.


Tinkara on now playing the flute and in a lovely blue dress. Lovely spinning around effect on the stage here. Good camera work a very assured performance here from Slovenia. A simple but effective song sung really perfectly I can feel its charm. Possible 15-21st.


Softengine with the 2nd but more authentic rock song of the night as it is a band, albeit very young. It starts quietly then the beat kicks in then it goes mental. Great use of lighting gives this an arena performance feel which fits perfectly with the song. A very assured vocal performance with enough rawness in the vocal to suit the genre. Excellent work. Possible 12-17th.


Ruth Lorenzo on next singing about the rain in Spain. The staging of it is immense,  raining backdrop and the stage looks wet too. She is in a lovely white sparkly dress. She just stands centre stage and delivers. Her hair looks wet too. The vocals are spot on tonight really excellent. Possible 5-10th.


Sebalter is on next with a very catchy tune that opens with an explosion of fireworks and whistling. Very bright and smiley and infectiously singalong. Sebalter loves the camera and looks very confident and assured in his performance. We then are greeted by a pyro waterfall stage front. He hits the catwalk with his fiddle and some drum work. Possible 12-18th


Kallay is another favourite with a very dark themed song. It starts slow with him sitting on a stool. Then the beat kicks in for the chorus. He runs onto the catwalk at this point. The pianist turns into a dancer and is chased around by a male dancer. Good camera work and lighting and a good build up to the finish. Vocally flawless. Possible 3-8th


Firelight have four siblings and an uncle in it. No wonder they look polished and confident. Lots of smiles and strong vocal harmonies. The sister gives us a bit of Chiara head wobbling. This is a lovely catchy song with a very polished simple staging. Difficult to call this as it could go top 5 or get overlooked with those others around it. Possible 12-20th.


The hosts on next with Basim singing a very simple catchy tune. It has elements of some 70’s pop tune but its highly infectious easy to sing-along to and extremely memorable. That makes it dangerous. It will be a big winner tonight and tomorrow and in the mix for a double victory. Possible 1-6th.

The Netherlands

Another big favourite who came from nowhere to 2nd favourite after their semi final. Its country music done well and simply staged. The staging of it is excellent and the double microphone allows them to face each other and the sweeping camera work around them look great. Its musically a great song sung really perfectly. This could well win tomorrow night and will get high jury votes tonight. Possible 1-4th.

San Marino

First time in the Final and Valentina is joined on stage on piano by the legendary Ralph Seigel. This was a surprise qualifier but it is well staged and has hints of a Bond movie theme tune to it. The vocals are really excellent and I think this will do better than a lot of folk think. Possible 15-21st.

United Kingdom

So we reach the last song in the Final. The UK has been highly fancied this week. And no wonder it is excellent. Vocals great, costumes fantastic, camera works top notch. The lighting is perfect and the money shot is brilliant with the pyro waterfall hitting the spot. Well done Molly a good jury final performance. Possible winner but at least top 10.

Andrew’s Top 10 Predictions

Ok well its very difficult as I initially called at least 13 countries that had a potential chance to be top 10.

But here is my 10 countries that I think will achieve the good results they hope for.

Netherlands Austria and United Kingdom

Denmark Armenia and Greece

Hungary and Ukraine

Norway and Spain

Just missing out are Sweden Azerbaijan and Romania who will be around 11-14th.

My countries at or near the bottom are Belarus, Poland, Slovenia, San Marino and France with Germany my prediction for the bottom place.

Thank you for following the blog folks and making today a new record day for hits on Eurovision Ireland.

Many thanks to you all.

Author : Andrew Main


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  1. A juror from Ireland consider Romania’s entry the best and gave the rank 1 another juror from Ireland consider it the worst and gave the rank 25. The jury is even more subjective than the audience but they pretend they are “specialists”.

  2. A correction…

    PS. Does anyone know if the first artist to go on first in the final, ever won it before? If not, Maria, will be breaking that record as well.

  3. Mariya (Maria) will win it for Ukraine, it’s just such a catchy tune & after all it’s a song contest, not a beauty pageant even though Maria (Mariya) would win that as well. So the clock is ticking down to the minute/second Maria “Tick-Tock’s” up to the stage pick up her well deserved prize.

    PS. Does anyone know is first out to start ever won it before? If not, Maria, will be breaking that record as well.

  4. My heart beats for Austria and the UK !
    I don’t especially fancy the Dutch country song, but their victory would please me the same.

    I haven’t commented a lot lately, but I do read you everyday. Thank you your precious teamwork and for the excellent news updates !

  5. Garrett… its azerbaijan, they WILL be top 5 they could send a farting dog and be top 5 they buy votes you know.

    • Think this is the year Cathal that they will not be Top 5 as it gets lost in the draw. Personally I think it is a classy song but I seem to be in the monority here in the Press Centre

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