Eurovision 2014

Eurovision Predictions After The First Grand Final Dress Rehearsal – Whose “Hot or Not”

Hot or Not at Eurovision 2014. Photo : Wikimedia

Hot or Not at Eurovision 2014. Photo : Wikimedia

We have just watched the first dress rehearsal for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014. However who were the countries that jumped out from the running order and performance. We thought that we would ask some people around the table for their opinions and pick out the songs that are HOT and NOT.


Jody West from One Europe


Austria, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Finland and Greece – HOT

Belarus, France and Italy – NOT


Ewan Spence from ESCInsight


Spain, Germany, The Netherlands – HOT

Greece, France, Eurovision 2075 (Interval Act) – NOT


John Stanton from Eurovision Ireland


Austria, Hungary, UK, The Netherlands – HOT

Romania, San Marino, Slovenia and Germany – NOT


Monty Moncrieff from One Europe


Spain, Austria, UK and The Netherlands – HOT

Romania, Germany, San Marino and Belarus – NOT


Charlotte Jensen from Eurovisionary


The Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Hungary – HOT

Poland, Russia, Germany and France – NOT


Samantha Ross from ESCInsight


UK, Finland, The Netherlands and Malta – HOT

Romania, Germany, France and San Marino – NOT


Philip Houtermans from Ment TV


UK, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine and The Netherlands – HOT

Germany, San Marino, France, Azerbaijan and Romania – NOT


Last but not least ME


Austria, , Hungary, UK, Spain, Malta and Finland – HOT

Slovenia, France, Germany and Romania – NOT



This may all change after tonight’s Jury Voting Final.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland





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