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UK : Sir Cliff Richard Sparks a Twitter Debate Over Princess Diana Comment and “HAIR”

Sir Cliff Richard on BBC Breakfast. Photograph courtesy of BBC

Sir Cliff Richard on BBC Breakfast. Photograph courtesy of BBC

Sir Cliff Richard is another success story from Eurovision, yet yesterday he sparked controversy following his appearance on BBC’s Breakfast Television.

He is one of the UK’s biggest selling Artists of all time and this week celebrates releasing his 100th album. He appeared on BBC Breakfast television which started a Twitter frenzy about his comments and appearance.

The Eurovision singer released his 100th album “The Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Songbook” this week. However unlike Celine Dion – we doubt he will be appearing on the X-Factor.

On the show he spoke of his career and controversially made a claim that Princess Diana would have been a fan of his new album ‘had she been alive’. Twitter and the BBC were alight following his remarks.

If that was not enough for Sir Cliff to contend with – Twitter was trending yesterday morning with people commenting on his “hair” of all things. People took to twitter with comments like

“Cliff Richard is definitely sporting a wig. Why? #bbcbreakfast.”

Another tweeting “Cliff ‘I’ve got a new wig’ Richard #obvious” and

“If cliff Richard’s hair isn’t a wig then I’m a monkey’s uncle #toupee #bbcbreakfast #cliffrichard.”

Well for someone of 73 we think he ain’t looking that bad!

The mid-week album chart has Cliff Richard’s new offering at #11. His annual calendar – which always tops the sales list – is being overtaken by One Direction.

Has he lost some of his loyal followers?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. What is the problem this guy has survived and performed for decades for gods sake acknowledge his achievement in the music industry.Eurovision did not make Cliff a star he did, yes with the assistance of some talented people but do not compare him to Celine,he is and always will be an icon of popular music.I just wish he could dance though,still i am sure he is bothered about a hand full of people who should get a life He is who he is a bloody legend ,i thank you Rikki Peebles Eurovision 87-88.Do you really care about x fixer,ah don’t think so.:-)

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