Eurovision 2014

EBU Reassures Fans That Eurovision Could Be Organised Should Russia Win

Eurovision 2014 Calendar. Photograph courtesy of EBU

Eurovision 2014 Calendar. Photograph courtesy of EBU

Jon Ola Sand – Eurovision Executive Supervisor – in an interview with Danish Broadcaster DR has confirmed that the EBU has written to Russia’s 2 EBU Member Broadcasters recently.

This in response to Broadcasters, Journalists and Fans concerns over Russia’s political stance on “non-traditional sexual relations” and any such impact it would have on the contest should Russia win the contest and host the contest again.

Mr Sand explained that this is “completely undramatic”.He goes on to say that ”We have been asked by several of our member states and by journalists and fans, whether the new laws could affect the Eurovision Song Contest. That is why we have been in dialogue with the two Russian TV companies that are members of the EBU”

German magazine “Stern” had claimed that a Swedish member of the Reference Group had raised concerns that Sweden may not take part if the Contest was held in Russia. Mr Sand has said that this has not been confirmed by Swedish Broadcaster SVT.

Russia’s political stance on LGBT issues has been a talking point around the globe. It has not solely in just relation to Eurovision Song Contest – but all international events being hosted by Russia like from the recent World Athletics games in Moscow to the upcoming Winter Olympics next year being held in Sochi. The BBC in the UK raised this a talking point on their live broadcast at the World Athletics Championships – yet the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) were not forced into defending their hosting of the sporting events in Russia.

Why is the EBU being made to do this?

Mr Sand confirmed that “There is no reason to believe that we cannot organise the Eurovision Song Contest in Russia.”

Russia successfully hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 in Moscow, following Dima Bilan’s win in 2008 with the song “Believe”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. I suppose the easy way to not have the worry is for all the juries of Eurovision to not vote for Russia at all, no matter how good the entry is…

    I am sure that would never happen though!

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