Eurovision 2014

NETHERLANDS 2014 : Our Prediction of Waylon/DeLange & DJ Armin van Buuren for Eurovision 2014 Spreads

Waylon - Official Pictures - Jens van der Velde © 2011

Waylon – Official Pictures – Jens van der Velde © 2011

Two days ago we told you of our belief that The Netherlands could see the county being represented by singer Waylon performing a song written by Ilse Delange and including a famous Dutch DJ – like Armin Van Buuren. Well this rumour seems to be growing with further reported confirmations.

Our good friends at have informed us that the leading Dutch entertainment tv show “RTL Boulevard” have reported that the Eurovision entry for The Netherlands will be Waylon performing a song written by DeLange and involving DJ Armin Van Buuren. 

The success of Anouk at Eurovision 2013 has reinvigorated the Dutch faith in winning the Eurovision Song contest for a fifth time. Dutch Broadcaster AVRO & TROS will be confirming their artist details on November 25th.

Waylon did enter the Dutch National Eurovision Selection in 2005 singing a duet with Rachel called ” Leven als een Beest” or “Living like a Beast”. 

Waylon came to prominence when he came second in “Holland’s Got Talent” in 2008 and thus his career rose in popularity and in the charts.

Ilse DeLange has had 6 #1 albums since she became a recording artist in 1995. Armin van Buuren is a World renowned DJ having won the Title of “Worlds Best DJ” no less than 5 times.

Waylon is a Soul and Motown singer, and should his entry be produced by DJ Armin van Buuren, then this could be a very interesting prospect for The Netherlands.

Official confirmation will be made on November 25th. Stay tuned.

Could you see Waylon’s sound and style winning votes at Eurovision?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and

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