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GREECE Eurovision 2014 : Thursday’s Talent Search for Eurovision 2014

Kostas Martakis - Photograph courtesy of

Kostas Martakis – Photograph courtesy of

Thursday again, and we take a look at the talent across Europe for Eurovision 2014. We look to Greece this week. We all know that the Greek Broadcasting Company – ERT – is going through a challenging time at the moment. So we thought that we would show some support and hope with our Greek readers of our site – and there are thousands of you – so a big ” σας ευχαριστούμε/Thank You”.

So today we wanted to look at some of the amazing talent that Greece has in abundance. They have not failed to qualify for the Grand Final of Eurovision since the introduction of the Semi Finals process! Hoping that Greece will be at Eurovision 2014, we decided to get some information on the Greek music scene with our good friend and amazing composer Georgios Kalpakidis. We came up with the 5 following artists that could be a success at Eurovision 2014.

  • Demy
  • Krystallia
  • Shaya
  • Marietta Fafouti
  • Kostas Martakis


Dimitra Papadea or more commonly known as Demy – is a female singer who is one of the most sought after artists in Greece at present. At the 2012 MAD TV Awards she won Best New Artist along with 2 other awards. Her music is influenced by Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop and RnB.

She has had 6 #1 singles in the various Greek Charts and has won 4 MAD TV awards and has been nominated for 10. She certainly is a singer that is extremely popular in Greece. However she has toured Greece, Cyprus and Russia. 2012, Demy, along with Playmen, performed “Fallin” at the Europa Plus Live Festival in Moscow where the song went to #1 in their chart.

If you are looking for a young and talented singer that has an international vibe to her music, then Demy could be a strong choice for Greece in 2014.


Krystallia was the singer of the Greek Band “OtherView”. OtherView is a dance/pop band based in Greece and are made up of a DJ/producer, a musician/producer and a vocalist.They debuted three years ago and became very fast the most popular dance group in Greece with hundreds of sold out appearances in major clubs throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Krystallia has gone on to compete in the show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” – which is on UK tv as well. Krystallia is proving to be a diverse singer on the show where she is taking on all genres of music. You have to ask yourself why Greece has not sent a good Hip-Hop or Club song to Eurovision as this seems to be very popular there.


Now Shaya could be good Omen for Greece as she is Danish/Greek. She and her mother settled in Thessalonica when she was 12. Shaya began singing in clubs and then was convinced by her friends to enter a Popstar TV show in Greece where the prize was to be part of the Girl Group “Hi-5”. The band had 2 top-selling albums and 8 hit singles.

After the band went their separate ways Shay pursued a solo career. She teamed up with Greek hip-hop group “Stavento” to release the duet “Prin Se Gnoriso” (Before I Meet You). The song went on to win Best Hip-Hop video at the MAD TV Awards in Greece. Later that year she collaborated with rapper Stereo Mike to release the duet “Esi Kai Ego” (You and I).

She has a stunning voice and look that you could not forget her on a Eurovision stage. The Danish connection would gather a lot of International press in the run up to the contest. Shaya is a strong contender for us.

Marietta Fafouti

Oh we have gone all a little Funky/Jazzy and Disco with the wonderful Marietta Fafouti. Marietta has composed songs, music for movies, documentaries, advertisement campaigns, theatrical productions and musicals.On May 2012 she launched her second album “Homemade Joy” by Inner Ear and the producer Thodoris Zefkilis. Her single “Kookoobadi” – A Magic Spell – became a hit on radio shows, as her previous one “Don’t stop”.

If you know your music, then if I said that Marietta reminds me of the American 80’s Soul/RnB singer Teena Marie, who had the massive hit “Oh La La La” – that is a huge compliment coming from me. Teena Marie was a huge Musical influence in that genre of music in America and beyond. I think that with a song like “Kookoobadi” – that could easily go Top 5 at Eurovision. Marietta is now on my playlist!

Kostas Martakis

What can you say about Kostas Martakis? Well he was a Greek idol (Dream Show) contestant, has had many radio hits in Greece, participated in the Greek Eurovision National Final in 2008, has traveled Europe playing at festivals especially in Russia but most importantly has expressed an interest to represent Greece at Eurovision.

“Alway and Forever” I will not know how “My Secret Combination” beat Kostas at the Greek final in 2008. You can see where Sakis got his idea for wearing all white and the giant stapler that he used at Eurovision 2009.

In 2007 Kostas won the MAD TV Award for “Best New Artist”. 3 albums later and a starring role in “Rent” the Musical, Kostas is ready for Eurovision and I think Europe would like this very handsome and talented man! He has performed with many singers including Alexander Rybak, but our favorite collaboration that he has made is with the Russian singer Diana Diez with the song “Sex Indigo”.

We have to ask ourselves why Greece has not sent him to Eurovision!!

So there you have 5 Greek artists that we think could be a strong possibility for Eurovision 2014 – if Greece can make it to the contest in Denmark – We hope so!

Which of the 5 singers would you select or can you think of any other Greek artists that could be a success at Eurovision 2014?

Thanks again to our good friend Georgios Kalpakidis for his help. He has just written and produced the new song by Silva Hakobyan called “Leave A Light On” – which is truly amazing!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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