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IRELAND 2014 : Thursday’s Eurovision Talent Search July 18th

Bressie - One of our suggestions for Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Bressie – One of our suggestions for Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

It’s Thursday July 18th – so it means one thing – Eurovision Ireland’s “Thursday Talent Search” for Ireland’s Eurovision 2014 entrant. Each week the interest in our Eurovision Suggestions keeps growing! So who do we have on offer this week. We have Rock/Pop/Indie music for you. Some faces you will know and others we will be introducing to you. So who do we have

  • Bressie
  • Anthony Roe
  • Una Gibney


For our International readers, Bressie is a singer/song writer/producer and judge on The Voice of Ireland, whose real name is Niall Breslin. If you are a “One Direction” fan then you will certainly have seen pictures on twitter of Bressie with his best mate Niall Horan – Is it something in the name?

Bressie first came to our attention in Ireland as the lead singer of the highly popular rock/indie/pop band “The Blizzards”. They released 2 albums – “A Public Display of Affection” in 2006 and “Domino Effect” in 2008. After this the band strangely decided to split. Bressie joined Simon Fuller’s Agency “XIX Entertainment” as a song writer and producer in 2010.

It was not surprising that he wanted to get back on stage again and he has released 2 solo albums in Ireland. His first was “Colourblind Stereo” in 2011 that reached #8 in the Irish Charts. He followed this up in 2012 with the #1 album “Rage and Romance”. His first solo single was “Can’t Stay Young Forever” which reached #9 – and is a great song!

He has been a mentor on the Irish version of “The Voice”. One gets the feeling that Bressie will be looking to further horizons for his next move as we are sure that he will not want to get pigeon holed into being a talent show mento. He enjoys being a performer. We would have thought that with his singing, writing and producing skills, that he would have made an impact in the UK charts by now. He is certainly a handsome man and has that quality of women wanting to be his partner and men his best friend.

It is time for him to step onto an International stage and Eurovision would be the ideal platform for that. He could certainly show case his writing and performing skills – so it would be a win-win situation. RTE just need to get him on side with the idea.

Anthony Roe

We came across an Irish Singer/Songwriter just last week and we had to bring him to your attention. His name is Anthony Roe and has written songs under the name SCUBOCKIE for the last 3 yrs. In Anthony’s words “all my songs are written on the guitar or piano and I’ve always considered myself an expressive poet rather than a vocalist . All my songs are written about human torment and the emotional injustices we experience on a daily basis.If I can’t delve into the depths of despair and feel what others feel when challenged , I find I can’t find the inspiration to put pen to paper”

Anthony believes that this form of music writing allows him to see things from other people’s perspectives. “Through my music I like to connect and touch on topics and issues that are sensitive to the heart and to offer a shoulder of realism, to let the moods remind the listener that they are not alone and that its my way of trying to comprehend their plights on whatever level they find themselves.” Now many people have said that Eurovision songs are soul less – well Anthony is certainly the antidote to that with his with his raw and uncompromising lyrics.

Anthony has the musical ethos that “if I (he)can’t bring something new and different to what’s out there in the music scene at the moment , that I (he) wasn’t going to enter the singer/songwriter circle and put myself (himself) up for criticism if I (he) didn’t think I (he) was unique in my (his) own little quirky way.”

Anthony is from south Dublin and is in the middle of recording his debut album. He has showcased his music to music professionals and has secured himself Management and a PR representation who will be promoting his album when completed. His talents don’t stop at singing and song writing but Anthony has filmed and recorded his own music videos.

The first one that we came across and instantly fell in love with was “Empty Violin Case” which is above. We think that the Eurosong Final should be there to act as a latform for talent that is on the rise in the country. Anthony certainly offers the listener a different musical sound and would be a breath of fresh air.

Una Gibney

Time for some Glamour, and thy don’t come more beautiful and talented than Eurovision Ireland friend Una Gibney. Now you may remember that Una appeared in the Irish National Final in 2012 when she sang the great duet “Language of Love” with the equally talented (and equally stunning) David Shannon.

With Una you know that you are getting a wonderful singer with vast experience. As you can see, Una knows how to work with the camera which is something that a lot of performers don’t know how to do when they come to a televised performance like Eurosong or Eurovision. Una traveled the world with Michael Flatley’s “Celtic Tiger” and received rave reviews for her solo performances in the show – like “Forever Free”.

No we have to blow our own trumpet here, as we had suggested Una for Eurosong to RTE back in 2011 and it was great to see that she made it to the show in 2012. So we have a suggestion for RTE. We have always thought that a strong and elegant female duo would be strong for Eurovision – especially if you got 2 singers that would compliment each other and be striking on stage. Therefore we think that the combination of Una Gibney and Nikki Kavanagh could be powerful, if they got the right song for them both. Either way Una Gibney would be a very welcomed return to the Eurosong final in 2014.

So there you have this week’s “Thursday Talent Search” for Eurovision 2014 in Ireland. What do you think of our 3 very different suggestions? Who would you like to see in the Irish National Final and maybe Eurovision 2014?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Una and Niamh with something like “tell him” form Celine Dion & Barbera Streisand would be fantastic.

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