Eurovision Finals 2013

Russia-V-Ukraine : Who sang it better – Alla or Ani?

Russian Superstar and 1997 Eurovision Contestant Alla Pugacheva. Photograph courtesy of

Russian Superstar and 1997 Eurovision Contestant Alla Pugacheva. Photograph courtesy of

Wearing the same dress on a red carpet is a “Fashion Faux pas” – but singing the same song is a “Eurovision Faux Pas” – especially if you are both Divas from the former USSR.

We were just going through our playlists of songs from artists from the former USSR (as you do) and we noticed that 2 of our favorite Eurovision Divas had sung the same song – granted some 25 years apart. However a good song never tires – and especially if the video sees the amazing Alla Pugacheva (Russia Eurovision 1997) rocking the 80’s flaming big Stephanie Powers hair, White fur stole and that seductive glance over the shoulder.

Shirley Bassey may have been singing about “Diamonds are Forever”, though Alla Pugacheva was wearing the contents of a Russian diamond mine around her neck. Communism never looked or sounded so good! The song “Million Roses” is a classic – you will be pleasantly surprised if you have not heard it.

Well the young pretender to the Crown of “Eastern European Queen” –  Ani Lorak (Ukraine 2008) – went and performed a “Million Roses”. Dressed in scarlet red, like one of the roses that she sings of,  Ani gives a more pop and light-hearted version of the song. Possibly spurned on by the eclectic audience gathered. Considerably less bling but Ani’s eyes are the real diamonds here.

A tough call on who sang it better, but we are going for the timeless classic and that sultry look over the shoulder to the camera from Alla Pugacheva. Camp just got better. “From Russia With Love”.

Who gets your vote?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland


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