Belgium – First Dress Rehearsal Day 2

Roberto Bellarosa - Belgian Eurovision Representative 2013

Roberto Bellarosa – Belgian Eurovision Representative 2013

Roberto Bellarosa of Belgium has come out in place of Lithuania who were due on stage next. So what of “Love Kills” from Roberto. First off he is looking and sounding great. Who can resist a tall dark handsome man in a well cut suit?

Roberto’s vocals were very good – the best we have heard from him since he won the Belgian National Final. With his big puppy dog eyes he is selling the song well to the camera. What I do like is that this is the first country that has used the stage backdrop as a video screen. He has the words to the chorus of the song floating across it.

He is joined by the 2 female backing dancers that were in his video and they for me detract from Roberto’s performance as they are literally dancing on top of the young man. His 3 backing singers are right of stage and they did their job of supporting the main vocals and not detracting from Roberto.

Personally I would move the 2 female backing dancers back more behind Roberto. Even though they are not lit and are in effect silhouettes – it just detracts from Roberto’s strong performance.

I had this as a non qualifier earlier but this now overtakes Austria and Estonia and Slovenia and is in contention for a Grand Final Spot – their first since Tom Dice in 2010

The Press centre enjoyed the performance and he received applause after each performance – and there were no Belgians in the audience before you ask.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland

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