Belarus – First Dress Rehearsal

Aloyna - Belarus Eurovision Representative 2013

Aloyna – Belarus Eurovision Representative 2013

Belarus come to the stage with their Summery hope for Eurovision. Alyona starts her Eurovision adventure inside of a giant glitter ball – think Christmas Decoration big enough for the Ukrainian Giant that we saw yesterday. Joined on stage by 2 male dancers a 3 backing dancers.

They are all dressed in casual attire so I doubt that these will be their costumes as I don’t think tracksuits will look good on screen. Where do I start with this one? Vocals are good though Belarussian diction has a mind of its own at Eurovision. Alyona seems stilted in her performance and giving her complex dance routines – you can see her counting 1..2..3… turn – in her head. The backing singers join in with the dancing and they are just as lost as she is. You can see them looking at each other for guidance. So back to the dance rehearsal studio for all concerned.

When it comes to the large drum beats in the song the 2 dancers take out 2 very small drums that look like they were made for ages suitable 5 to 10. They are unconvincing and look cheap and everyone knows that they could not make the deep thunderous sound that is coming from them. Get some bigger drums or leave them out altogether.

In the final dress rehearsal we then had pyrotechnics and flames which looked better. The dancing is still stilted and Alyona needs to look as if she is genuinely enjoying the experience and not just pretending.

I still think this should qualify as other fail to impress.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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