Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Montenegro – Day 2 First Dress Rehearsal


Montenegro - Eurovision 2103

Montenegro – Eurovision 2103 Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Montenegro’s Eurovision Entrants “Who See and Nina” have just taken to the stage for their first Eurovision rehearsal performing their song “Igranka”. I have made no secret of the fact that this is one of my favourite songs in the contest this year and I can tell you now – The have put on a performance that is literally “Out of this World”

Picture this – a green lit stage with flashing strobe lights and geometric shapes and a mysterious cloud of smoke engulfs the stage. Music starts and from the deep fog emerges the 2 men of “Who See” whom appear to have landed on another world – that of Eurovision. The cannot breathe the atmosphere so they are in full “Space Man ” costumes complete with helmets.

They are defying gravity “to the amazement of Ukraine” – and moon walking across the stage while performing. And where is Nina I hear you ask? Well she ascends from the depths of the planet – aka the stage dressed and a “Sexy Borg” in black, an eye piece and a winged jet pack. This is “Life Jim but not as we know it” but I LOVE IT!!

I have always seen this song as having a huge life after Eurovision and they have just proven me right. The reception for the song in the press centre was amazing. People loved it and after the comedy that we received from Ukraine yesterday, we have a quality song. The rapping and singing were perfect. This will wake you up for sure! They are not comedic but just COOL! That’s what you do when you are an MTV Winner.

This song has to make it to the final and Eurovision needs this song in the final too. This song has just gone up to a strong certainty of qualifying for the final and will make Europe sit up and take note!

Bravo Montenegro

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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