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Melodifestivalen – Second Jury Votes Announced (Sweden/Finland)

Melodimen Danny Saucedo half naked top off Melodifestivalen 2013 Amazing

Eurovision Ireland teams up with International Juries again along with our on-line fan poll to predict the winner of Melodifestivalen 2013. Over the next 24 hours we will give you the results from our fan jury who hail from several countries across Europe. To this we will add the results to on on-line poll which closes at midnight on Friday night and we will have our winner. Have you voted yet?

Our second jury that we are calling in is that from the joint Sweden/Finland Region. A lot of Eurovision fans will know the beautiful Lilian Brunell who has attended many Eurovision and Melodifestivalen finals (and even managed to get me to run around the Press Conference Arena in Düsseldorf in a feathered boa in a Eurovision Race of sorts – picture evidence below).  Lilian is a presenter on the wonderful Eurovision Radio International and if you have seen any of her interviews on-line, they are a breath of fresh air. So we had to get Lilian’s comments and votes on the Melodifestivalen finalists.

Boa Race

(Photograph Courtesy of facebook)

So what are Lilian’s thoughts and votes on the songs?

1  point = Copacabanana – Sean Banan
In my opinion Melodifestivalen is a song contest and not a show contest. I had more than enough already last year.

2 points = Begging – Anton Ewald
Such a boring song and even if I try my best, I would not recognize it on the radio.

3 points = Skyline – David Lindgren
A B-version of last year’s Lindgren-entry. My 3 points goes to David because he looks happy on stage.

4 points = You – Robin Stjernberg
Another young boy with dancers. Seen it, heard it before.


5 points = Tell the world I’m here – Ulrik Munther
The chorus hits my brain even if I try to push it away.  Thanks God – no dancers behind the young man.

6 points = En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz
The youngsters in the final don’t have a chance -Tommy Körberg is the male singer with the best voice. Many consider the song very stupid but looking over the years this song is a typical ‘retro- Swedish-schlager’. But keep in mind – retro is ‘in’. 

7 points  = Bed on fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar
No Melodifestivalen final without a rock song. This is definitely not the best I heard but after all the Saade/Saucedo copies it’s a relief to listen to Ralf’s rock voice, placed behind the grand piano while thunder and lightning take care of the show-stuff.


8 points = Falling – State of Drama
State of Drama is not a product from Idols or similar talent shows and I appreciate a pop group which would be able to perform live on stage. The song has been a favorite since I heard it and I was pretty sure it would not qualify. But the Swedish TV-viewer surprised me and showed some taste.

10 points = Heartbreak hotel – YOHIO
The song is like glue after listening to it once or twice. It’s a simple, classy, mid-tempo rock tune with a singer who goes his own way. It shows that there is hope in the world for the young singers outside the ‘Idol-bubble’.

12 points = Only the dead fish follow the stream – Louise Hoffsten
12 points to Louise. Not because she is the only woman – she simply has the best song. The song has an international touch, clever lyrics, she sings well, she has been composing it. Louise Hoffsten is a true, talented musician and she deserves to win.


Lilian and Loreen

(Lilian and JP from Eurovision Radio International interviewing Eurovision Winner Loreen – Courtesy of Facebook)


So the Swedish/Finnish Jury has gone for Louise Hoffsten. After 2 juries the results are as follows

1st –  “Heartbreak Hotel” – YOHIO – 18 Points

2nd= “Tell the world I’m here” – Ulrik Munther – 15 Points

2nd = “Skyline” – David Lindgren – 15 Points

2nd = “Falling” – State of Drama – 15 Points

5th – “Only the dead fish follow the stream” – Louise Hoffsten – 14 Points

6th = “Bed on fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar” – 10 Points

6th = “En riktig jävla schlager” – Ravaillacz – 10 Points

8th – “You” – Robin Stjernberg – 9 Points

9th – “Begging” – Anton Ewald – 8 Points

10th – “Copacabanana” – Sean Banan – 2 Points


If you have not joined the thousands that have tuned into our on-line poll, you still have until Midnight tomorrow to vote – so have your say – and some fun – below.

Thanks again to Lilian for her votes – Tack så mycket



Our next set of Jury votes are coming shortly so stay tuned. 

Source – Eurovision Ireland

(YouTube Video courtesy of embedded owners)
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