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Israel : Winner decided but the Public Choice totally ignored by the Jury!

Moran Mazor has won Kdam 2013 with the song “Rak Bishvilo” and will represent Israel at Eurovision 2013 In the 50/50 Jury and Public vote, Moran jointly won the Jury vote and came second in the Public Vote.

Both Mazor and Ron Weinreich received 64 points from the Jury. When it came to the televoting, Weinreich scored 31 points, Mazor scored 40 points. The real story was that the winner of the Televoting was Shany Zamir who had scored ZERO points with the jury. This is to surely cause a major backlash from the public.

Moran though will take her power ballad to Malmo and represent Israel at Eurovision 2013. We think that Moran has a touch of the wonderful Linda Woodruff about her. What do you think?


We wish Moran Mazor the best of luck – בהצלחה – In Malmo. 

Source – IBA and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. @Euroivionireland:

    Dave was speculating heavily, suggesting that it wasn’t all “kosher”.

    About the change in the voting,- I suspect it has been changed earlier than yesterday, however someone pay attention to this only yesterday and brought it to the attention of everyone.So it could be merely a coincidence. But this can be verified with the EBU.
    BTW: votes on national final not always following the way the voting goes in the contest.

    • Hi Sahi

      Sorry i thought you were referring to our article. See you point of view now.Thanks for clarifying

      It will be interesting to see if the change in vote ranking and the draw allocation has an impact on the overall scoring in May

  2. The whole thing was rigged – the jury knew the public’s votes beforehand and therefore gave Shany Zamir ZERO points, to make sure Moran Mazor is the winner.

    Israel deserves to flop this year!

      • Not really, they basically just reported that the public’s favorite got zero points from the judges. They can’t make big allegations without exposing themselves to slander when there isn’t much proof. The public, even those who like Moran, dislikes how corrupt it is.

        Kathleen Reiter exposed this joke for what it is, and that’s what the press reported. Those who doubted her at first now admit she was right. She’s really not a diva or anything so I knew from the start she was telling the truth.

        Moran Mazor is managed by Eyal Golan who has a lot of power in the industry and is close friends with one of the judges and the host. Moran is even close to the son of one of the judges. The whole thing is a joke.

        By the way – when the voting started (days after everyone performed) they showed a segment with everyone’s performances and their numbers. Right after Moran Mazor’s performance clip, there was a broadcast “error” and they switched to commercials. Then 15-20 minutes later, they showed Kathleen’s (and another contenstant’s) performance.

        This is the one year that I really wouldn’t mind if Israel failed. The jury was paid off in my opinion and someone needs to look into it.

  3. The right song won, at least Israel have a chance of a decent placing now with a competent singer and a fine song, The jury were quite right to give Shany 0 points, her song was appalling and all that wailing and screeching like a seal nearly made my ears bleed, never mind the ridiculous staging.

    • I respect your opinion about the song, but I wouldn’t give the jury any credit here. Before the voting started, they praised this song. Some of the judges put it on their top 3 in the semi-final, that’s how it qualified. One even called it his favorite or something.

      It’s very unreasonable that none of the seven judges put it in the top 7 out of 10 performances while the public put it at #1 and several judges praised it in the semi-finals. It did make it to the finals after all.

      What I assume happened is that they realized how strong the voting for Shany Zamir was and gave her zero points to make sure she doesn’t win, which is unfair beause it’s unethical they would know in advance what the public votes. That’s not 50-50.

      • I agree there. The jury was definitely up to something and it;s a shame Moran qualified like this but I still think it was the strongest song overall. I also liked Kathleen’s song, well done to her for having the courage to withdraw and draw attention to the problem.. I wonder will there be a backlash?

      • What you do is speculating heavily.And you have no proof for what you say.

        Let’s try and look at things from a different angle:

        Shani Zamir has qualified from the 1st heat. That was, in my opinion, the weakest heat in this contest.In that heat it was judged as strong and better song than the other songs. In the final she faced a fierce competition, from some better songs, that were presented better than her song. And I am sorry, screaming is not perceived as good singing, and standing in a song that required some movement, from the singer it self, that stand in my book as bad presentation.

        Shani Zamir only received 4 points more than the songs that were in 2nd+3rd place in the televoting, That means that is was a close call. Not even a landslide victory. I suspect(and I have no proof for that, however the number suggest this), that the results were close all through the televoting, and the winner was determined very close to the end of the voting.

        Every one knows everyone in the Israeli music industry.Everyone has connection somewhere.It is impossible to find a panel of judges where all judges would have been with no connection. Judges don’t live in a vacuum. Each judge, not to mention each person, has it’s own taste. The fact that they didn’t like Shani doesn’t mean they are corrupted, just that they didn’t like her, or the song or the presentation.

        And than there is the issue of Kathleen Reiter’s withdrawl.
        I don’t know Kathleen Reiter, however does she has any proof for what she claimed. Anything in writing or a recording? I suspect she doesn’t.But throwing mud to IBA or to the judges is just an easy scapegoat.
        IBA is a very easy target, based on their track record and history, however it’s IBA’s word against Kathleen Reiter’s word and no one can proof this. But it always easy to take the word of the one who is perceived the weakest of the tow sides.And IBA has always, and still is, been perceived as the powerful and strongest side in such a conflict.

        At the end, the winning song is a good song.Not sure how it will do in Malmo, but I wish the song and the singer good luck

        • Some good points there Shai. But do you think we made “Heavy Speculation”? We merely pointed out that the Winner of the Public Vote received no points from the Judges. That is a huge disparity and for a lot of Israeli fans who mailed us – they found it hard to comprehend. We never mentioned or inferred the word “corruption” at all in the article. It is interesting that the EBU have changed the voting yesterday – where all songs will be ranked in the live shows by the public and the Jury. In this case the if one song is ignored by one set of votes it will still score. Now that is interesting that they come out with that now? Don’t you think?

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