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Melodifestivalen – Woody is Back!!


Joy unconfined as we heard today that Lynda Woodruff makes a glorious return to Melodifestivalen tomorrow night. Yes the alter ego of Sarah Dawn Finer – EBU Official Lynda Woodruff – will be gracing the stage at Melodifestivalen and this time around she will be in the capacity of Official Delegation Welcoming Committee. We hope she gets an easy country to pronounce or we will have an “Azebdj…Abzerb…Baku” moment again.

When the character of Lynda Woodruff appeared at Melodifestivalen last year, she captured the imagination of not only the Swedish but Eurovision public.

Created along with writer Edward af Sillen – Woodruff went on to give the points from Sweden last year at Eurovision which was equally funny – though slightly lost on the hosts.

So hold on to your hats tomorrow night as we get to meet Ms Lynda Woodruff again. 

Source SVT and Eurovision Ireland and Facebook

(YouTube Videos Courtesy of embedded owners)

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