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Romania – First Semi Final Tonight -Watch here


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Tonight the first semi-final of “Selecţia naţională” will take place in Romania. Sixteen acts will fight it out for 6 places in the National Final on 9 March. Hosting the show will be Paula Seling & Ovi (Romanian Eurovision 2010 Representatives), Andreea Bănică (Romanian Singer) and Marius Rizea(Actor)

The 6 finalists will be selected by a 50/50 public and jury vote.

You can look at a full playlist of all the songs/performers taking part in the Semi Finals

(YouTube Videos Courtesy of TVRcanaluloficial)


The show will be broadcast live on TVR 1 or TVRI via satellite at 20:00 (CET)

You can look at the show live on-line at the following link

The 16 acts taking part in tonight’s show are as follows

  1. Tudor Turcu – Hello
  2. Casa Presei – Un refren
  3. Electric Fence – Emilia
  4. Diana Hetea – I Believe In Love
  5. Station 4 – Your Heart Is Telling me So
  6. Edict – Buddy Buddy
  7. FreeStay – Criminal Mind
  8. Maximilian Munteanu – Broken Heart
  9. Brigitta & Mihai (feat. TIPS) – One Heart
  10. Natalia Barbu – Confession
  11. Spin & Cezar Dometi – Silver Lining
  12. Liviu Mititelu – La donna di nero
  13. Cezar – It’s My Life
  14. Tammy – Firebird
  15. Luminița Anghel – Unique
  16. Anthony – Dream Girl

A tough decision for the Romanian public and jury. 

Who would you like to see qualify for the final.

Source Eurovision Ireland and TVR

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