Austria – Here the Singers Here – BUT where is Conchita Wurst??

English: Flag of Austria. Français : Drapeau d...

English: Flag of Austria. Français : Drapeau de l’Autriche. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ORF today released the details of the 5 acts who will compete in the National Final for Austria which is more commonly known as “Österreich rockt den Song Contest”. What a diverse selection ORF has provided us this year. HOWEVER there is one notable omission and that is 2012’s “Österreich rockt den Song Contest‘s runner up Conchita Wurst. Conchita was the act that almost made Jedward speechless – which is a feat in itself. Conchita was runner up to the Trackshittaz – who unfortunately came last in the contest this year in Baku. But No Conchita – and what a shame as we could have had this?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of FerryGraf)

So who has made it to the Austrian National Final that will be held on February 15th – Will there be love in the air?

Yela aka Daniela Bauer (but that is just not sexy enough a name). Born in Austria but now residing in New York – Yela has had many a childhood dream of representing Austria at Eurovision. She is a soul singer so I am hoping for a modern RnB style song. Here is a sample of her singing with a stunning version of “Self Control” by Laura Branigan. She reminds me Corine Bailey Rae – which is good

(YouTube Video Courtesy of songcontestrocks)

Falco Luneau is another product of the Talent Show contestant genre. He appeared on the show Starmania. But what makes him interesting is that his success has not come in Austria but in The Netherlands – so let’s hope that Austria and The Netherlands are in the same semi final. He is like Austria’s answer to James Blunt – Is that a good thing?

(YouTube Vide Courtesy of falcoluneau)

Bandaloop are an electro-pop band who remind me of a more well-behaved version of The Prodigy. The have a fondness for all things weird and wacky and glittery – well Eurovision is the right show for them!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of parallaxmotion)

Natália Kelly – The youngest of the bunch at 18 years of age. Remember Sandar Kim was much younger when she won for Belgium back in 1986. Surprise Surprise but she is a former contestant of “The Voice” – but that is ok in this instance as she is a great singer. I would love to see her sing a Joan Jet song as she has a rich tone in her voice

(YouTube Video Courtesy of videomotionofficial)

Elija is a 21 year-old self-made rock musician who owns his own record label. Recipient of the 2009 Austrian Newcomer Award, he is to be taken seriously. He believes that Eurovision is more about the music these days hence his participation. Think No Doubt meets UB40

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ras Culjah)

Now I know that these are not the songs that the artists will be singing on February 15th but if I was to look at the artists I would say that Elija would be the most interesting so far.

What do you think of the artists selected?

(Source ORF)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall



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  1. Thankfully CW is NOT there! What an utterly embarrasing and silly act….would add NOTHING else than adding fuel top prejudices about ESC!

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