Serbia and Slovenia at Odds With Each Other – And Romania/Slovakia and FYR Macedonia look in Jepordy

Flag of Serbia

Flag of Serbia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They maybe Blakan Brothers but their approach to Eurovision 2013 is miles apart.

Serbian Broadcastyer today – still revelling in another Top 3 finish in this year’s Eurovision – have announced the details of their national selection process. Unlike this year they will be having an open contest and as such have siad that as of today singers and composers may send in their compositions for this year’s Eurovision. The closing date for entries will be January 20th. This will result in a live 20 song contest where 5 songs will win the public vote to proceed to The Grand Final that will take place the following evening March 3rd. Serbia have a strong history in the contest and won it in 2007. Can they do it again? Interestingly Serbia is the only country to have won the Eurovision singing their song fully in their native language since Israel in 1998 – a record in itself.

And now for our dear friends in Slovenia.

Flag of Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slovenia in the run up to the contest this year in Baku were seen as one of the favourityes and when the semi finals were announced and semi final 2 saw the majority of the Balkan countries participating in it – Slovenia thought they were in with a strong chance of qualifying for the final and getting their best result ever at Eurovision. You can imagine their surprise when they failed to make the final along with their neighbours Croatia. So what can they do? Well it looks like the Global Economic Crisis may have claimed another victim as they will be staying at home like Portugal and Poland. The article also claims that Romania and FYR Macedonia and Slovakia are looking at withdrawing from the contest too. Here is the link to the slovenian article. You may need to use BING to translate

At this rate I maybe due a refund from SVT as there may only be 1 semi final in Malmo! Anyways here is Slovenia in happier times back in Ireland. Look out for more news on Romania, Slovakia and FYR Macedonia

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source Delo)

(YouTube Video courtesy of ESCLiveMusic1)

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