Eurovision Gets Political

Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas (Photo credit: Daniel Kruczynski)any

How many times are we reminded that Eurovision was created to overcome political differences and unite the continent through cultural exchange. Well in a unpressedented economic environmentPolitics and Eurovision” are taking centre stage in Greece.

I feel that I am doing the “Hokey Pokey” dance where Greece are in and then they are out and then back in again and now the Politicians want to hacve their say in the matter. In all fairness to Greece you have to applaud them, for putting on a great effort in Baku earlier this year and their constant determination to Eurovision Participation but we all know how their National Broadcaster is finding the cut backs challenging and therefore the broadcaster is searching for a sponsor for the 120 thousand Euro entry fee into the contest and then the potential production costs involved with their song.

However in a twist of events several politicians are vehemently opposing the Greek participation in the contest next year. Members of the Democratic Left Political Party Mr. Kouvalis and Mr. Kedikoglou have stated that the cost of entering Eurovision in Sweden needs to be put into context in the Greek Financial Crisis. If it was a choice between entering a song contest or potentially reducing health cover – well it is a no brainer – The needs of the Greek people take priority.

Our hope here at Eurovision Ireland is that the Greek National Broadcaster gets private sponsorship for Eurovision as a song contest without a Greek entry to shake my hips to at Euroclub would not be a real contest. So here is a Greek blast from the past that has to be a classic – and OH WHAT A DRESS!! Strictly Come Dancing are jealous as they see this video!

Author/Website Creator and Senior Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Source – Greek National Television)

(YouTube Video courtesy of TheGreek Pop)

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