Eurovision 2012

Albania Announced – New faces and Old Eurovision Idols ARE BACK

Flag of Albania

Flag of Albania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rona Nishliu gave Albania their best result at Eurovision this year and came 5th. Whoever will succeed her will have big shoes (and the Barbara dex Award) to fill.

The Albanian National Broadcaster RTSH, announced today the artists in the 51st Festivali i Këngës (The Albanian National Final).

This is the line up for the two semi-finals of the long-running show, that also serves as the country’s pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. There will be 2 semi finals (Dec 20th and 21st)

First semi-final (20 December 2012)

  • Selami Kolonja
  • Rosela Gjylbegu,
  • Kejsi Tola
  • Vesa Luma
  • Elis Nova
  • Kozma Dushi
  • Bon bon Band
  • DR.Flori&Fabi
  • Merland Kademi
  • Rezarta Smaja
  • Ardian Bujupi
  • Xheni&Enxhi Kumrija
  • Arjela Krasniqi

Second semi-final (21  December 2012)

  • Arjan Dredhasi
  • Adrian Lulgjuraj&Bledar Sejko
  • Hersi Matmuja
  • LNYX
  • Entela Zhula
  • Anjeza Shahini
  • KellyBojken Lako
  • Marsela Çibukaj
  • Valon shehu
  • Ani Çuedari
  • Nafinal with her very catchy song
  • Flaka Krelani


8 Acts will progress from each semi final where a 16 song final will take place on December 22nd. As always the winner will be determined by a Jury and Public vote.

Semi Final 1 – Ananysis

Well the first name that jumps out is Kejsi Tolsia. For all you Eurovision fans out there you will remember that Kejsi entered the 2009 Eurovision and made the final with her very catchy song “Carry Me In Your Dreams”. She came 17th and really should have been higher. She has tried to win the Albanian vote again but without success. However she has an amazing voice and is very popular across Albania.

(YouTube video courtesy of xelizzie)

Next I can tell you about is Selami Kolonja. He is a well-respected singer and composer and entered for the Albanian selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and made their National Final with the song “Ëndërr Kosovë” which translates “Enter Kosovo”. Remember that the issue of Kosovo is very high priority in Albania where last year’s singer – Rona – who hails from Kosovo was awarded Albanian citizenship by the Albanian president after being selected for Eurovision. Watch out for his song.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Arkivashqip)

Rosela Gjylbegu a former Public Relations Officer for the Albanian Parliament came to prominence when she came 3rd in the Albanian Pop Idol. This launched her career and has seen her enter the Albanian National Final for Eurovision on no more than 4 times – so 5th time lucky. Her best result to date was 2nd place with the song ““Pa ty, pa mua“in 2006.

(YouTube video courtesy of Baadkid)

Vesa Luma is a successful former Albanian Pop Idol singer whom is a very popular figure in Albania.She has been in the 2004 Albanian National final with the song “Flakaresha” Where she qualified for the National Final with and sang with Albania’s victor this year Rona. Like Rona she is an Albanian Singer from Kosovo. Could this be a good Omen

(YouTube Video courtesy of Northdrom)

Semi Final 2 Analysis

Entela Zhula is a funky young singer who likes electronic/soul/pop music. She has entered the Albanian National final before – the last being that for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. However she did not reach the National Final with this great dance track. Can she make it to Malmo? Time will tell.

Anjeza Shahini gives Semi Final 2 another Eurovision participant – and not just anyone but Albania’s first ever entrant into the contest. Yes at the age of 16 Anjeza represented Albania at the 2004 Eurovision contest in Istanbul with her song “The Vision of You” – which made the final and came 7th. A wonderful début entry. She was favourite to be the representative again in 2006 but narrowly missed out. Can she make it again to Eurovision. Here is a blast from the past.

(Video Courtesy of ESCBelgium5)

Bojken Lako is an Albanian Rockstar and has competed in several of their National Finals and was even asked to help select the entrants for the contest. His last effort to make it to Eurovision was this year where he reached the final and came 10th.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Arkivashqip)

Marsela Çibukaj was the runner-up in The Voice of Albania in Season 1 2011/2012 and has become extremely popular in Albania. She could be the dark horse of the contest as he is very popular at present.

(TouTube courtesy of TopChannelAlbania)

So as you can see there will be a lot of choice on offer in Albania this month. What artist do you think would represent Albania well at Eurovision?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall)

(Source RTSH)

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