Eurovision 2012

JEDWARD – 2nd Rehearsal & Press Conference

Yes Jedward took to the stage today and the media attention that gathered to meet them at their Press Conference was IMMENSE!

JEDWARD Dress Rehearsal

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

Firstly let’s talk about the dress rehearsal – as that is the important thing.

Song – Vocally it was better than their first rehearsal.

  • Some sites had been saying that the first verse sounded a little hollow and the harmonies needed to be a little tighter following their performance on Monday.
  • Well it was clear that the team had taken this on board and have been rehearsing since Monday.The song sounded much better and more polished – good work guys
  • There is still some work just to get the backing vocals 100% in sync with the guys and the track but I have no worries that this will come by the live shows.
  • Linda Martin came onto the stage just before the second perofrmance to have a word with the singers and whatever she said it did the trick and the harmonies certainly moved up another gear. Jedward themselves were very good vocally.
  • Still some more tightening of the harmonies to do but that is what rehearsals are for but I felt that the guys were much more in control and have faith that they will be ready for the remaining rehearsals.

Performance/Staging – Again we have the wonderful water backdrop on the screen.

  • The blue colour is very striking both in the hall and on the screen
  • Jedward wore the white coats with all the European flags on it – The same ones that they wore on the Late Late Show last Friday. Again this will not be their live show costumes as these will be Silver And Gold Suits
  • What was great to see was that the Water Feature was working much better today and the water was shooting over 20 foot in the air. It was like looking at one of the many fountains that are here in the Baku. It looked wonderful on the stage and again I looked at it on the TV screens and the camera angles showed it wonderfully

We Speak to Team Jedward

I spoke to Liam McKenna (Jedward Road Manager) and he told me

  • that there is still more to come from the Water Feature. It is plain to see that at the end of the song the twins put their mics down and they will be jumping into the water itself.
  • They did not use the pyrotechnics on this performance as I guess they are keeping them for the final full dress rehearsals.
  • Visually this was a much better performance and the guys gave it their all. I like the camera angles and it looks good on screen. The blue water backdrop is wonderful on stage.

Personal Opinion-Overall I am very happy with the improvememt in the performance.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Jedward will certainly make the Final and I am predicting a better result than last year.

Jedward Press Conference

Well this was the funniest press conference todate. John and Edward came out dressed as Red Gum Ball machines. I kid you not. The media attention was IMMENSE. The camera men would not leave the guys and the crowd assembled stood for their entire press conference. Usually the press conference is managed by the presenter but he just sat back and was in fits of laughter at the guys. People started shouting out questions to the guys so John took the situation into his own hands and took the mic into the crowd and ran across the chairs to the delight of the audience but the shock of the presenter.


So you had all been very good at sending in your questions to us so in front of the entire press hall I challenged the guys to do a speed question and answer round. Edward felt left out so he came running down into the crowd to join in. At this stage the local volunteers at the contest had crowded into the press hall and it became a media frenzy.

Now just incase you didn’t see the live press conference, here I am posing some of your questions. Thank you all for sending in your questions. If I had more time I would have asked them all. If I get the opportunity I will ask some more for you all.

This was the most exciting and fun press conference I have been to so far. A credit to the guys.

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

What do you think of the guys performance and press conference?

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