Eurovision 2012

2nd Round Eurovision Rehearsals – Afternoon Sessions

The Second Half of the rehearsals have taken place and we have some great performances

Serbia – Well this is a song that I have been struggling to understand and appreciate but this afternoon I managed to get some feeling for the song. Vocally this song is very strong. Zeljko sings the song wonderfully and with emotion. The camera angles are good with some wonderful close ups showing Zeljko’s emotion and their wonderful cosmic backdrop – it looks stunning. All the performers are dressed in black and they stand out on the stage to give the song further effect. As I said I was not a big fan of the song but it has clicked with me today – to the relief of my colleagues. Furthermore I had the pleasure of interviewing Zeljko today and he was an absolute gentleman. My interview I will post later today/tomorrow. Here is Zeljko’s second rehearsal today.

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Personal Opinion and Prediction – This will have mass appeal and as Zeljko is a massive star across mainland Europe he will definitely qualify for the final and will make the Top 10 for sure.

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FYR Macedonia – Kaliopi provides a strong performance of her song. She is dressed in jeans and a black top. This maybe her live show costume. The song is good but I am not sure if it will have mass appeal outside of the other Balkan countries that are in it’s Semi Final. I do enjoy the song but I have seen and heard it all week. I am not sure if it will have an instant appeal to qualify. In the past FYR Macedonia has just missed out on the final and I fear that this song may also find itself in that same position.

Personal Opinionand Prediction – A good song sung well and may just scrape a 10th place entry into the final

The Netherlands – Oh this got an amazing reaction in the press hall today. People were dancing and clapping and generally full of merriment. Joan is looking beautiful in a long blue dress and her signature indian head piece. The staging is the same and the effect of the lighting fires works beautiful. There is a big push for this song amongst the International Press. I am loving this entry.

Personal Opinion and Prediction – This song is going to the final and I have this in the Top 3. You have been told!

Malta – Oh we really like Kurt. He is a great performer and this song looks and sounds amazing on the stage and the screen. You can see and hear the chemistry between Kurt and his band members and that is something you cannot rehearse. The choreography is wonderful and Kurt’s dance is the talk of Euroclub. This song just makes you think of Summer.

(Video courtesy of

Personal Opinion and Prediction – This song is going to make the final and with a good draw it should make the Top 10

Belarus – Well this rock song has just leapt up in my estimations. The vocals are very good and the staging is electric. Litesound certainly know how to rock out their performance and the the visuals used are sensational. They have an amazing trick where the guitarists lean completely back to a horizontal position and stay off the ground. I am still trying to figure out how they do that . This is a song that I did not rate after the first rehearsal and now I am rating this as a potential qualifier.

Personal Opinion and Prediction – This is a tight semi final and I think this could scrape into the final

Portugal – This is a lovely song that makes you think that you are sitting in a bar in Lisbon looking at life pass you by. This is a classic Iberian sounding song and Filipa performs it with poise and elegance. However I think that Eurovision may not be the right platform for this song. The only thing that may help this song is that France is voting in it’s semi final and the Juries may like the performance more than the televoters

Personal Opinion – I like this song but I predict that this will miss out on the final.

Ukraine – “You Can Be My Guest” in the final Gaitana.

The Ukraine yet again have looked at their performance from last Wednesday and have made the correct decision that less is more. They have removed one of the dancers from the routine and it looks a lot slicker. They have also reduced some of the lighting effects so that the emphasis is more on Gaitana as opposed to the stage itself. The visuals are amazing in this song and Gaitana’s voice is sensational. This is sailing through to the final and is a Top 3 contender.

Personal Opinion and Prediction – Running into the final at high speed and a contender for the throne.

Bulgaria – This is a song that I have not really rated and unfortunately it still does not light my fire. If you are going to have a dance song then you need to have a visual set that reflects this. Sofi is performing on her own on stage with a set that is static. Her vocals are ok but this song will not excite Europe or the Juries.

Personal Opinion and Prediction – This song unfortunately is destined to finish in the last few places of the Semi Final.

And there you have it. Another day of rehearsals over and done with. Serbia is the song that has clicked with me today and made an impression. The Ukraine has even managed to get better along with The Netherlands. Jedward have improved their performance and the staging is so much better with more still left in reserves.

What do you think?

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