Eurovision 2012

Second Round Eurovision Rehearsals – Day 2 Morning Reviews

(Photo Courtesy of Elke Roels (EBU))

  • Russia

Babushkas as charming and likable as ever. Lots of emphasis on the smaller of the Grannies on the screen and you just want to pick her up and put her in your pocket. The set is the same as before and looks great on camera. The camera angles need a little tightening up but as the rehearsals progressed they kept improving. The vocals don’t need to be perfect for this to work.

Personal Opinion – It is the feel good song of the show so far. So much so that after each performance the Press Hall errupted into applause.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Russia are on fire and 100% certain to make the final and the Top 3

  • Hungary

Dressed in their show costumes which are black – which I think needs to change. They are being lost on stage which is a pity. This is a moody pop song in the style of an early Depeche Mode song. The stage looks great but they are lost on it.

Personal Opinion – I think they should borrow some of Jedward‘s costumes and that might help them start out.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – This is a little too sombre and will miss out on a final place.

  • Austria

Fun Fun Fun. Austria have eneryone on their feet shaking what they got! The stage remains the same for this. I am happy that at least for the breakdown in the song they revert to the “Tron” like light effects on the costumes of the singers and dancers. However this was the first time that they tried it and it didn’t quite work properly. I feel the dancers need to change out of the dresses they are wearing and go back into the track suits that they had in the National final. Camera work needs to tighten up as at times it looked a little frantic.

(Video courtesy of

Personal Opinion – The final needs this song in it for the novelty factor

Prediction – It will be touch and go for this to qualify. I think the Public will like it but I fear the Juries might see it as being too controversial – but isn’t that what we like about Eurovision?

  • Moldova

This is still sounding great in the hall. Some minor changes to the dance routine but it is still energetic and creative and really memorable. We also looked at the performance on the tv monitor. The camera angles are a little messy at the moment and need to be tightened up. They fail to capture all the wonderful choreography still.

Personal Opinion- I still have high hopes for this song

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – This is sailing into the final and will be a good result for Moldova

Have you spotted any Favourites yet?

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