#BIRTHDAY: Tanja Ribič from Slovenia is 54 today

#BIRTHDAY: Tanja Ribič from Slovenia is 54 today

What style of song do you like best? Does it need costume changes, clucking, or maybe the odd penguin on stage? Or do you like a song just to be a song without all the bells and whistles?

Today’s birthday girl Tanja Ribič had a song that fell into the second category. I guess she could have had circus performers, but instead went for a simple setting of a dark stage, a small number of visible backing singers (remember them?) , two instrumentalists and a long white dress. This was a time of less razzmatazz and, get this, an invited audience. They were told there would be a false ending, but they all forgot and started clapping. I say this because in the absence of pyrotechnics, a false ending might have been enough to earn a few extra points. Tanja finished 10th – the left-hand side of the scoreboard in today’s parlance, so for that she must be happy.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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