#POLL – What is the Strangest Lyric from the First Semi Final?

As much as we love the Eurovision Song Contest, there is something in the old adage that some things just don’t translate very well. In a musical coming together of different countries and cultures, what sounds poetic and elegant in one language might not quite have the same effect in another – and that’s before we get on to the fact that some lyrics are just plain bonkers to begin with!!

If you’ve never heard it before, now is the PERFECT time to listen to Sweden’s 1973 entry, You Are Summer for perhaps the big daddy of all strange lyrics to ever grace the Eurovision stage!!

Eurovision has given us some downright strange lyrics over the years and 2022 is shaping up to be no different. Whether it’s strange imagery, clunky phrasing or just out-and-out weird subject matter, there is plenty that is going to make the viewers of Europe and beyond go “…huh? What did they just say?!” – and we want to know which ones you think are the weirdest!!

Below are all the songs taking part in the First Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which goes out live from Turin, Italy on May 10th. We’ve picked out some of what we think are the more unusual lyrical offerings and where necessary, we’ve provided an English translation. Which ones strike you as the strangest? Remember, these are just our suggestions for some of the First Semi Final’s more memorable lyrics – think we missed something even stranger? Let us know in the comments below!

ALBANIA – ‘Sekret’ – Ronela Hajati

“The boy coming from the mountains, then he came and I find it, going madder when I wine it, come baby, come put my hands on your body!”

LATVIA – ‘Eat Your Salad’ – Citi Zēni

“Instead of meat I eat veggies and p*ssy, I like them both fresh, like them both juicy!”

LITHUANIA – ‘Sentimentai’ – Monika Liu

I remember how I’m standing in the middle of dunes of Nida and waiving to a seagull so far, far away…

SWITZERLAND – ‘Boys Do Cry’ – Marius Bear

“You think he’s cavalier He would shed more than a crocodile tear,”

SLOVENIA – ‘Disko’ – LPS

“The two of us were at the disco when LPS was playing: Fičo was squeaking again, Živžej messed up his solo,”

UKRAINE – ‘Stefania’ – Kalush Orchestra

“I’m not in diapers but ma but ma, enough!”

BULGARIA – ‘Intention’ – Intelligent Music Project

“The illusion of safety’s surreal, don’t let it go for the kill!”

THE NETHERLANDS – ‘De Diepte’ – S10

“I hide under the table and I hope that you’ll find me there, I have waited the entire evening…”

MOLDOVA – ‘Trenulețul’ – Zdob și Zdub & Advahov Brothers

Both in that land and in this, we dance hora together, and in every country the violin makes magic!”

PORTUGAL – ‘saudade, saudade’ – Maro

“There’s so much I carry with me, it was always my safe haven,”

CROATIA – ‘Guilty Pleasure’ – Mia Dimšić

“You come without a warning, early in the morning, timing’s never been our thing… leaving me with guilt, the only souvenir you bring,”

DENMARK – ‘The Show’ – Reddi

The worst thing you said kept playing in my head, you never followed and now you’re blocked!”

AUSTRIA – ‘Halo’ – Lumix ft. Pia Maria

“Philosophers like Socrates said find yourself, think on your feet… go sharpen your teeth!”

ICELAND – ‘Með Hækkandi Sól’ – Systur

In the twilight you can see a beauty in freedom that crawls closer,”

GREECE – ‘Die Together’ – Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord

Are you having a good time? Doesn’t seem like you’re all fine… we don’t laugh anymore, and when we cry we do it on our own…

NORWAY – ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ – Subwoolfer

“Let’s go to Grandma’s, you say Grandma tastes the best!”

ARMENIA – ‘Snap’ – Rosa Linn

“Since June 22nd, my heart’s been on fire!”

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Author: James Scanlan
Source: various, all lyrics belong to their original copyright holders

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