#ESC2022: Semi-final One predictions

#ESC2022: Semi-final One predictions

As you’ll know, we at Eurovision Ireland reviewed the 40 songs (plus one other) from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We gave each one a score out of 50.

You can find our seven reviews on the Eurovision Ireland Youtube channel HERE. But what have we predicted as our 10 qualifiers from the first semi-final?

Our top 10 were:

41 points – Austria

41 points – Netherlands

40 points – Albania

40 points – Lithuania

40 points – Norway

40 points – Ukraine

38 points – Moldova

37 points – Latvia

37 points – Portugal

36 points – Armenia

And the remainder…

31 points – Greece

29 points – Iceland

28 points – Switzerland

28 points – Denmark

27 points – Bulgaria

26 points – Slovenia

25 points – Croatia

How right do you think we will be? Are there any guaranteed qualifiers we’ve missed? Tell us what you think.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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