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#STAGGY: Day twelve at Eurovision 2019

STAGGY: Day twelve at Eurovision 2019 Going on an adventure! Squeak! It’s the ICC in Jerusalem (1979 and 1999)!!! SQUEEEEAK!!!!! The Church of the Holy Sepulchre! Squeak! The western Wall! Squeak! Jerusalem! Squeak! Souvenirs! Squeak! Pænda article! Squeeeeeeeak! Author: Eurovision Ireland Source: Eurovision Ireland

#STAGGY: Day eight at Eurovision 2019

STAGGY: Day eight at Eurovision 2019 It’s getting exciting in Tel Aviv! Squeak! It’s Tamta from Cyprus! Squeeeak! There’s life outside the Eurovision bubble! Squeak! Never try and catch a bus on Shabbat. Squeak! Euroclub!!! Squeak!!! It’s Hera Björk from Iceland!!! Squeeeeeeak!! It’s Rylan!! Squeeeeak! It’s joiking Fred-René […]

#STAGGY: Day four at Eurovision 2019

STAGGY: Day four at Eurovision 2019 More is happening in the press centre and beyond. Time for a snack from Australia. Squeak! Viennese whirls? Well, there’s nothing wrong with Austrian things. Squeak! The pass has finally arrived. SQUEAK!!!!! We’re still making friends, who want to show us Tel […]

#STAGGY: Day One of Eurovision

STAGGY: Day One of Eurovision Eurovision Ireland’s newest team member has been getting to grips of the hurly-burly of the press centre. But first, he had to get there. It was a long journey for someone heading to their first show. There was time to have a break […]