#ESC2021: Eurovision Ireland reviews… Part V: Eastern Europe

#ESC2021: Eurovision Ireland reviews… Part V: Eastern Europe

We’re getting closer to the contest in Rotterdam. Are you excited? We at Eurovision Ireland most definitely are. As a way to keep us occupied, we’re reviewing the 39 songs over seven panel reviews.

This is our fifth review, which includes those countries out east. That’s Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. You can watch our previous three reviews HERE, HERE and HERE. You can see our scores after the first four reviews below.

So what do we have to say about the five? Watch the video below to find out.

If you’re not sure of the five songs, here they are:

Latvia – Samanta Tīna – The moon is rising

Lithuania – The Roop – Discoteque

Moldova – Natalia Gordienko – Sugar

Russia – Manizha – Russian woman

Ukraine – Go_A – Shum

What are the scores on the doors?

1Azerbaijan4313Czech Rep34

In the event of a tie, the country with a higher score from a panelist leads.

Do you have different opinions to us? Tell us what they are.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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