#STAGGY: Review of 2020 Part V

STAGGY: Review of 2020 Part V

Staggy can be very opinionated when he wants to be – he had plenty to say about what happened (or didn’t happen) in Rotterdam this year. Neveretheless, he’s cast his eye over some of the 2020 crop of songs, and here are his views. You can read about some of his other thoughts HERE.

First this time is Spain. Blas Cantó will be singing for his supper next year. Staggy thought long and hard about his 2020 song.

Staggy insisted on watching Aksel from Finland next, because he’d been eyeing up the perfect drink to go with the song. We’re not sure whether he was impressed.

Keeping with the male vocalist theme, Croatia’s Damir gave it his bets shot. What did Staggy think?

Finally this time, Staggy wanted to check out Daði from Iceland.Everyone had been talking about it, and boring him rigid he tells us. Was he keen?

Do you agree with the opinionated mouse? Should he have more cheese? And stay tuned for more views.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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