#ESC2020: Preview party time

ESC2020: Preview party time

Even though there will be no Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, it doesn’t stop the fans around Europe (and Australia) getting together to pick their favourites.

Renowned fan David Elder organises one of the most infamous parties of the year, and due to social distancing hosted the event online. People from around the world tuned in to share the fun and games, and pick they should have won in Rotterdam.

Rather than voting on all entrants, people were asked to pick their favourite 15. The top 16 of these favourites then battled it out for the title. On Sunday night, after 52 – yes, 52 – sets of votes, the winner was…

Here are the full results of the top 16…

In the preliminary vote, every country scored from at least one person.

The question is, have you been at a preview party and picked a winner? Was it Victoria from Bulgaria, or someone else? Tell us about your experiences.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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