#QualifiersWeek: Lithuania – Eurovision Ireland’s Highs (& Lows)…

Apologies to the delay of Thursday’s article, however it is here a few days later. The team here at Eurovision Ireland look at our highs (& some lows), that Lithuania have given us.


Sarah: My favourite of their entries was Ieva in 2018 “When We’re Old”. You could really feel the emotion in Ieva’s voice and a song about growing old with the one you love? Certainly designed to capture the hearts and minds of the Lisbon audience!

Richard: When I saw Ieva rehearse for the first time from the Press Centre at the Altice Arena, it took me back to the year before, when we saw Luisa Sobral, in the arena itself, rehearse the initial run throughs of “Amar pelos dois” on behalf of her brother Salvador. Several grown-up men standing in the arena, weeping due to the pure emotion. Sadly, 2019 didn’t produce such emotion.

Video: YouTube/EBU


James: My favourite Lithuanian entry has to be Donny Montell and “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” from 2016. This was the first Lithuanian Eurovision entry that I liked from the moment I heard it, without having to wait for it to grow on me – or more often than not, not! It’s upbeat, catchy and the staging was slick without being overproduced and soulless. I think SVT really missed a trick by not letting this open the show in Stockholm – after all, it’s what all Eurovision fans are thinking when the show starts!

Video: YouTube/EBU


Bogdan: My favourite entry from Lithuania is their 2015 entry Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila – This Time. With its happy, sing-along tune, you can’t resist the urge to cheer for both of them. When you add ‘that kiss’ to their performance, the result is a crowd-pleaser. ‘This Time’ is a song that will try to put at least a smile on your face.

Video: YouTube/EBU


John: One of my favourites from Lithuania is from 2002. Aivaras shouldn’t even have been in Tallinn. But after B’avarija were disqualified, Aivaras took his nice little song, and his wool-clad backing singers to the Sake Suurhall and gave us a great end to the contest with Happy you. I love this for its happy simplicity (geddit?) and it always makes me smile. Who cares if it finished 23rd out of 24.

Video: YouTube/2000ESC2003


Sarah: 2006 really was the pits! Such a display of self -indulgence, shouting about being the winners of Eurovision for three minutes! I had the misfortune to have to watch it in the arena in Athens!

Video: YouTube/EBU

Our delayed article from Friday, where Staggy salutes the favourite entries from Lithuania, will be incorporated into next Friday’s article alongside Slovenia.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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