#BIRTHDAY: Laura Rizzotto from Latvia is 25 today

BIRTHDAY: Laura Rizzotto from Latvia is 25 today

Each country enters our favourite TV show with high hopes. After all, their host broadcaster and national public have put their faith in the lucky performer, so they’ve got some backing already.

However, you, as the performer, may see what you’re up against and think “I don’t have a chance”. That fate may have befallen today’s birthday girl Laura di Karvaļu Rizoto/Laura de Carvalho Rizzotto. She got picked in Latvia’s Supernova 2018, and when she saw the opposition must have got a bit worried. If you add to that many fans – the ‘experts’ – were writing her off. They were partly right, in that she couldn’t quite scrape through tough semi-final. But she still finished 12th, so still beat six songs. Funny that, but I guess it made her happy.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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