#BIRTHDAY: Marcha from the Netherlands is 63 today

BIRTHDAY: Marcha from the Netherlands is 63 today

If you recall, we’re off to the sunny Netherlands for the Eurovision circus in 2020. They were trying for over 40 years between wins, and it shows that persistence eventually pays off.

Of course, we have a rich vein of Dutch entries to call upon for birthdays, and today is no exception. Back in 1987, birthday girl Marcha (née Margaretha Hendrika Maria Groeneveld) made the short trip for her native land to Brussels for the biggest ever contest at that time. In a crowded field, a good result would be tough. So Marchs wore her best silver frock, and instructed her band to do the same. I’m sure they were all playing their instruments too. It paid off, because she finished fifth. Yes, fifth out of 22, and equalled the Netherlands’ best result since their win in 1975. And they only managed two better results before they won again. So good on you Marcha!

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton



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