#ITALY: Staggy’s National Day playlist

ITALY: Staggy’s National Day playlist

Staggy, with a bit of help from the Eurovision Ireland team, has put together a short playlist to help celebrate Italy’s Festa della Repubblica. If you’re Italian, we hope you have a good day. Squeak!!

First, let’s start with the song from 2017. Many tipped Francesco Gabbani to win in Stockholm by a country kilometre. Instead, he came sixth. But the mouse likes the use of another animal. SQUEAK!!

Italy took part in the first contest in 1956. Early on, they came up with this absolute classic. We all know the chorus. But don’t forget, it was not called Volare until much later. It was originally Nel blu dipinto di blu. Seems strange mentioning colour in a black and white performance. SQUEEEAK!

We all know about 1974, and a certain Scandinavian popular beat combo winning in Brighton. However, the sublime Gigliola Cinquetti finished second with this song, that had nothing at all to do with a referendum in Italy. She also helped out with the great Italian blue fabric surplus with her frock. Squeeeeak!

Eurovision entries aren’t always about places in Europe. We sometimes get songs about places around the world. Italian songs are no exception, as in 1984 we found them singing about trains in Tozeur, in Tunisia. The trains still go there. And if you notice, you’ll spot that there are a few words of German in this song. Can you hear it? Squeeak!

We’ve already seen one Italian winner. Here’s the other. In 1990 Toto Cutugno had a song about European unity. It’s something we need now more than ever. Squeeak!

We finish with the song that Italy took to Tel Aviv. Mahmood almost won, but ended up with Italy third runners-up spot. Should the money have been on his song to win? Squeeeak?

From all at Eurovision Ireland, we wish our Italian friends all the best today. Squeak!!!

Author: Eurovision Ireland

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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