#ESC2019: Live Blog of Jury Grand Final – #DareToDream from 21:00 CET

The time has come! Welcome to the Jury Grand Final Live Blog AND our last Live Blog of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest season, here from Tel Aviv! Tonight, the twenty qualifiers from across Tuesday and Thursday take to the stage, joining Israel and the Big 5. 50% of the overall score given tomorrow night is decided tonight, so all the artists need to be on their A-game.

You know what to do by now, just refresh this page on a regular basis from 21:00 CET.

And we are LIVE!!! Netta flies in this finalists on her plane to Expo Tel Aviv. The plane has landed on-stage, Netta walks out first, before the artists walk out in performance order. Dana International joins us for a mini performance during the parade, singing “Diva”. Ilnait also joins the parade for a performance too. Nadiv rounds things off with “Golden Boy”.

Here come the hosts! Voting is now been explained after a fun little clip comprising of previous hosts.

And the Contest (Rehearsal) begins!

1. Malta

Michaela kicks the show off with a bright and colourful performance. She also has her hair tied back, which helps in the opening seconds while she is playing with it. A good one to clap along to and get the party mood in full swing. I still feel Destiny takes the lead on vocals in quite a chunk of the song.

2. Albania

Albania is in the poison chalice of position two of the running order. Jonida is quite a contrast to Michaela and performs a much darker stage performance. Sadly I can’t see this going very far up the right hand side of the scoreboard tomorrow night, considering the other stronger entries around it in the running order.

3. Czech Republic

Lake Malawi brings another brightly coloured stage show. They really do have fun on the stage bopping and jumping around. There is a good connection with both the camera and the audience. Should do very well.

4. Germany

Oh dear! Here come the sickly duo pretending to be sisters – and the vocals sadly sound a bit off. Vocals do improve slightly throughout the performance, but the doesn’t bode well for the jury votes.

5. Russia

Sergey is back for a second crack at the Eurovision Grand Final. While he slipped slightly in last night’s Semi Final, will this play on his mind, just like his fall back in 2016 rehearsals? Yet again, some of the performance is slightly out in terms of routine, as well as this afternoon’s rehearsal. Still a favourite?

6. Denmark

If you like gentle sway from side to side, then Leonora has the song for you. Another bright and happy performance that qualified last night could actually perform quite well in the results tomorrow night – something we may have overlooked. The first of two jolly performances in a row…

7. San Marino

This is pure unadulterated pop that everyone will love. Everyone is singing along the Press Centre – just because it is such a guilty pleasure. Serhat is singing in the right key tonight which helps too. I challenge anyone who dislikes this!

8. North Macedonia

Tamara is here with the first raw and emotive power ballad of the evening. Yes, it may be similar set-wise to Russia, but we don’t have Tamara moving around like Sergey – proving little can be more. Like Denmark, this will do a lot better than people think. North Macedonia should be heading for the top 10.

Time for the Green Room or an advert break depending on your country!

9. Sweden

John Lundvik has come out tonight with strong vocals and a strong presence. John is yet another performer tonight that has the right connection with both the audience and the camera. The energy multiplies once the backing singers join John on stage. Bound to be a favourite with both the juries and public.

10. Slovenia

Slovenia was one of the surprise qualifiers from Semi Final 1. Watching two people look at each other for three minutes isn’t the most entertaining thing we will see on the stage during the Final. Sadly, I don’t rate this and expect it was the lucky tenth place qualifier on Tuesday.

11. Cyprus

Tamta starts off doing her best Madonna poses. “Fuego” it isn’t, but “Replay” still gives a fun party feel to the proceedings. I would suggest before anyone with heart conditions watch live tomorrow night, to leave the room before Tamta undresses herself – nothing is left to the imagination! While not completely erotic, it gets very close!

12. Netherlands

Now time for the Contest favourite. Every time Duncan has come on, it is the only time you’ll hear the Press Centre in silence. From where he started in his first rehearsals to where he is now, I can see why he is considered to take victory. The connection is there when necessary.

13. Greece

Greece is proving to surprise us all this year and just like Denmark or Noth Macedonia, will fair better than we all expect. Katerine is vocally strong, while her backing dancers create the overall stage show around here. Could this be the winner that no one is expecting?

14. Israel

Kobi doesn’t look particularly comfortable. We cut straight to the Green Room after the Postcard, so we are assuming, however not sure, that there may have been a stage invasion. I must reiterate that we are assuming this and don’t know if this is true or not. Back to Kobi, he is giving a competent performance, but not the best we’ve seen from him this fortnight.

15. Norway

The crowd are going wild for KEiiNO tonight. However form a production side of things, seeing the cameras on stage is something we don’t want tomorrow night! The added dry ice is adding some mystery to the performance, but there is something missing – but what is it? As things stand, this surely won’t gain many points.

16. United Kingdom

Michael Rice has come to the Jury Final with a competent performance. One or two notes were off at the start, but he has come back fighting for the remainder of the song. Strong connections are there with both the audience and the cameras. The interaction with the backing singers works too.

Time for the Green Room or an advert break depending on your country!

17. Iceland

The crowd have gone wild in the arena. Those at home with a nervous disposition should leave the room tomorrow night until Estonia take to the stage. This is a very specialist genre which only a small majority appreciate, however I view it as noise. I can’t see where the votes will come for them to win, when this performance will divide so many.

18. Estonia

Victor has come on stage fighting, however his voice sounds a bit strained, but he is not the first to be fair. Visually, it’s very impressive, with the technical problems from earlier on this fortnight all sorted out. Fingers crossed that Victor’s voice won’t cause worry.

19. Belarus

Zena is on stage with not her strongest vocals neither. However, we are back to bright staging and pyrotechnics which sometimes people will remember more. The vocals don’t really improve throughout this rehearsal and won’t help her with the juries.

20. Azerbaijan

Chingz has taken to the stage with his two robotic arm friends. Vocally and visually, this whole performance is strong. This will appeal to the youthful viewers and could cause a split where their votes go tomorrow evening. Another upbeat entry following Belarus, before the pace changes for France and beyond. A potential winner here that still holds his own.

21. France

Bilal is consistent in his performance and we see nothing different since last Sunday morning. Admittedly, this entry will divide opinion due to the content of the entry, however Bilal still has an outside chance of pulling off a victory with this strong performance.

22. Italy

Mahmood is performing in a red shirt with gold embellishment – different to the white one we saw in rehearsals. Vocally an improvement on some of the previous entries we have just seen. This is a simple performance, yet gains the interaction of the audience with double claps at various points throughout. Could Mahmood pull off Italy’s first victory since their return in 2011?

23. Serbia

Well, Serbia has darkened the mood slightly with this balkan ballad. It’s bound to score well with the other balkan countries, but may well struggle with who comes before and after in the running order. One of the stronger vocals again though.

24. Switzerland

The temperature has just risen in the arena with some dirty dancing! Luca proves you can have strong vocals, while carrying out some choreography at the same time – without flinching. Visually, the Swiss have been able to provide the full package this year and may have their third win tomorrow night – possibly.

25. Australia

Ready for three ladies on bendy poles? Let the CGI magic amaze you! To be so high up and manage to both sing and sway, Katie has to be applauded. This has to be one of the most technically advanced routines we’ve seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in years. Are we ready for an Australian victory?

26. Spain

Spain’s Miki brings some high energy to end the main part of the Contest. I may have been critical about the staging during the fortnight, however Miki won’t be embarrassed by the result and should feel proud. Performing last might even help the Spanish chances!

We now have a voting recap and a pretend open to the pretend voting.

Conchita performs “Heroes”, Mans performs “Fuego”, Eleni performs “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, Verka performs “Toy” and Gali Atari is joined by the previous four others to perform “Hallelujah”. What an absolute Eurovision Mash-Up for an interval act!

The pretend voting is continuing.

At this point, we are rounding up tonight’s blog. Enjoy tomorrow’s LIVE SHOW from all of us here at Eurovision Ireland.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. My youngest son watched semi final two last night, first time he had actually seen any of the acts as he likes to judge them on the night. He has picked Netherlands as a winner ,likes Russia too

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