Eurovision 2019

#TelAvivJournal: Day 14

What a night last night! Sadly, Ireland didn’t make it through, but a good set of countries did. The running order for tomorrow night can be found HERE.

Today brought a farewell to both James and Bogdan, who have left Tel Aviv for their return home – John and I are here for the remainder of the competition. Once we said our farewells, we set off for the Eurovision Village, along with Phil from OnEurope.

After a brief explore around the Village, we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon, before coming here, to the Press Centre, ready to cover tonight’s Jury Grand Final.

Enjoy the Grand Final tomorrow night and let the best song win!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily (or near daily) #TelAvivJournal series. Today’s is the last, but fear not, #GliwiceJournal will be here in November for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

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