#STAGGY: Day three of Eurovision 2019

STAGGY: Day three of Eurovision 2019

What a day! Meeting lots of nice people and showing who to support.

After all, we do work for Eurovision Ireland.

This sobering up is hard work.

Still time to recreate the Danish stage show.

And eat lots of sugary things

Oto from Georgia! Squeak!

Sergey from Russia! Squeak!

Bilal from France! Squeak!

Jonida from Albania! Squeak!

Tulia from Poland! Squeeeeak!!

Matthías of Hatari from Iceland! Squeak!

The lovely Pænda from Austria! (See more of her in a separate article)

Michela from Malta! Squeak!!

So much food. Squeak!

And drink! Squeak!

Feel free to add Staggy on Facebook as a friend, to see more pictures.

Author: Eurovision Ireland

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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