#20YearsOn: Where Are They Now? – Part 1/5

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Contest last been held in Israel. In 1999, the Contest was held in Jerusalem and twenty three participants took part. Over a series of five articles, we are going to look at where those twenty three participants are now.

Lithuania: Aistė

Aistė Smilgevičiūtė represented her nation in 1999 on their return to the Contest. Aistė didn’t do to well and placed 20th with only 13 points.

Video: YouTube/setheurovision94

Aistė Smilgevičiūtė has been a member of the band Skylė since 1996. Skylė last released an album, their eleventh, in 2015.

Belgium: Vanessa Chinitor

Vanessa Chinitor represented her nation in 1999. Vanessa placed mid-table in 12th place, with a total of 38 points.

Video: YouTube/Marcos Paulo Barbosa da Silva

Vanessa released two albums after participating in Jerusalem. In 1999, the album was named after her entry “Like The Wind”, while another followed in 2001. Vanessa Chinitor released her last single to date in 2004.

Spain: Lydia

Lydia represented her nation in 1999 and finished in 23rd place and last, with a total of 1 point.

Video: YouTube/RossGeller21

2002 saw Lydia releasing her final solo album before joining the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar in 2007 – touring a selection of Spanish cities. In 2008, Lydia replaced Sole Gimenez as the lead singer of Presuntos Implicados. The band released their final album and single back in 2011.

Croatia: Doris Dragović

In 1999, Doris Dragović achieved Croatia’s highest ever placing to date – a 4th place with 118 points.

Video: YouTube/EurovisionEU

Doris Dragović has released a number of albums and singles since her appearance in Jerusalem. Her final album and single to date were released in 2014.

United Kingdom: Precious

In 1999, Precious achieved a 12th place, with a total of 38 points – the lowest placing the United Kingdom had achieved at that point in time.

Video: YouTube/Marcos Paulo Barbosa da Silva

After selling less than 600 copies of their debut album back in 2000, the group disbanded by the end of that year. Sophie McDonnell joined the CBBC Channel as one of their launch presenters, while Jenny Frost went on to replace Kerry Katona in Atomic Kitten. Anya Lahiri returned to modelling, before becoming an actress. Louise Rose also became an actress.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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