#CROATIA – LIVE BLOG of #Dora2019 from 20:05 CET

Dobra večer Europa i dobro jutro Australija! This is Croatia calling! Dora is back for the first time since 2011 and tonight we’ll find out who will be flying the Croatian flag at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are! I might even shout out to you in the blog 😉

Tonight’s show comes to us live from the coastal city of Opatija and 16 acts will be performing for the chance to win that ticket to Tel Aviv. Our hosts will be Mirko Fodor, Jelena Glišić and Iva Šulentić and the running order for tonight is as follows:

Bojan Jambrošić & Danijela Pintarić – “Vrijeme Predaje”

Jelena Bosančić – “Tell Me”

Kim Verson – “Nisam To Što Žele”

Jure Brkljača – “Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu”

Beta Sudar – “Don’t Give Up”

Lea Mijatović – “Tebi Pripadam”

Gelato Sisters – “Back To The Swing”

Luka Nižetić – “Brutalero”

Elis Lovrić – “All I Really Want”

Domenica – “Indigo”

Roko Blažević – “The Dream”

Ema Gagro – “Redemption”

Lidija Bačić – “Tek Je Počelo”

Lorena Bućan – “Tower of Babylon”

Bernarda Bruno – “I Believe In True Love”

Manntra – “In The Shadows”

Tonight’s result will be split 50/50 between a set of 10 juries from different regions in Croatia and a public televote.

If you want to watch too, have a look here HERE from 20:05CET / 19:05 GMT.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments, points of view and all that Eurovision Ireland goodness you know and love!


I know you’re really excited Dora is back – but it’s not back yet!! Come back in a few hours and we’ll get this party started!!

Not long to go now Eurovision fans! We know there are lots of events around the continent tonight, so if you are watching Dora with me, give me a shout and let me know what you’re thinking! 😀

If these are your numbers, you’ve just won the Croatian lottery!

Here we go!!

Lots of people arriving and posing on the Red Carpet, including everyone’s friend, Jacques Houdek!

Some drummers with glowing drum sticks playing flaming oil barrels… well, it is Eurovision, so why not!

And like a scene from Moulin Rouge!, Franka is soaring over the audience on a trapeze… how’s that for an entrance!

Can’t believe this came last in its semi final… maybe this remixed version would have faired better?

It’s only the opening act, and I’m already impressed by the production values tonight!

Our hosts for tonight, Iva, Jelena and Mirko. Mirko opting for something less sparkle than his co-hosts…

A little explanation of how the voting will work tonight. Juries from different regions around Croatia will award Eurovision style points to their favourite songs, and the public watching at home will vote too.

Here are the numbers you’ll need if you’re in Croatia and can vote! But more on voting later, it’s time for our first song!

Bojan Jambrošić & Danijela Pintarić – “Vrijeme Predaje”

Bojan stares down the camera with an intense gaze… Danijela slinks sultrily onto stage… this is brilliant! It’s heartfelt, dark and believable for a song called “Time to Surrender” – their chemistry together is electric, you believe they are really falling out of love and hurting… wow… Croatia, I’m so impressed! What an awesome start to tonight, you’ve set the bar really high!

Jelena Bosančić – “Tell Me”

What I thought was starting as quite a plodding ballad, has picked up a bit of a swinging 60s edge to it… admittedly, this clashes a bit with their tuxedos and 1920s glamour look, but it’s not a bad song. It’s upbeat and pleasant, but quite repetitive… it seems quite twee and innocent compared to what came before it… maybe we’re right, the 2nd spot in Eurovision is cursed!

Kim Verson – “Nisam To Što Žele”

Kim was entered into Dora after another artist withdrew, and I’m quite glad she had the chance to showcase her song. “I’m Not What They Wanted” feels moody and contemporary, though it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want angelic looking Kim! Croatia, you’ve had several songs that could do really in Tel Aviv and we’re only on Song #3!

Jure Brkljača – “Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu”

Another moody but contemporary song, Jure gives a bit more of a ballad though, with nice ethnic flourishes. He sings well, it’s a simple performance and it works really well. Now we’re getting beautiful gospel notes… stunning! You’re certainly making my job difficult tonight Croatia! I love all of them so far!

Beta Sudar – “Don’t Give Up”

Energetic camera work, dancing and a spirited performance from Beta all add up to a nice little number! It’s a solid EuroPop number and I think this would get everyone in the club on their feet! Something like this would easily be my guilty pleasure!

Lea Mijatović – “Tebi Pripadam”

Looking stunning in her pink gown, Lea gives us another ballad with a slight country flavour… she connects well with the cameras and the light show on the floor suits the mood of the song well. I’m utterly enchanted!

And our first visit to the Green Room tonight! Have we already had 6 songs?! Gosh, Croatia doesn’t hang about!

Luka who will be singing Brutalero later just got a big cheer… is that one to watch out for? Back to the music!

Gelato Sisters – “Back To The Swing”

Awww… your grandparents will love this one! Sounding like they’re stepped straight out of the 1940s, these sisters are sweet but saucy – and they harmonise very well too! Honestly, something like this might strike a lot of memories across Europe in May! Could that transfer into votes though? Maybe!

Advert time! Spend your lovely kuna on these goodies!

Straight back into the action in Croatia – no messing around. I like this!

Luka Nižetić – “Brutalero”

Hmmm…. so I just had an unusal reaction… while updating the blog, I heard the first part of this song and LOVED it from the sound alone. Honestly, went wild for it!! Then, I switched back to the video to see it… it looks awful… like Aven Romale reimgained, and we all know how that ended… that being said, I think that grinding reggeton beat and blend of Italian and Croatian was brilliant. I can see why the audience loved it!

We swapped over to Slovenia for a moment here in Croatia, as they are also choosing their song tonight. We just saw the start of this lady’s song… do the Croatian TV company know something we don’t? 😉


Back to the Green Room to catch up with Lea

We’re already halfway through? Time flies when you’re having fun! ❤

Elis Lovrić – “All I Really Want”

Songs like this don’t always work… but my goodness… standing there quietly playing her guitar, Elis gives a simple, heartfelt and incredibly powerful performance. This feels really intimate and special, and I love it! Would it be a good choice to for Tel Aviv? I fear a huge arena would react havoc with a song like this, but it’s perfect for this moment here tonight. Magical.

Domenica – “Indigo”

From a very emotionally heavy song to a light radio jingle I can just picture playing as you drive down to the coast with the roof down… it’s safe, sweet and has a nice beat to it, but it’s not very complicated and there’s not much to it. This being said, the girls perform it well and as I said, easy listening isn’t always a bad thing!

Roko Blažević – “The Dream”

Angel si ti, ne vyarash li? Ooops, sorry, got confused for a moment… Roko is decked out in fluffy angelic wings and while I find that a little distracting, he has a heck of a voice to back it up! I appreciate the fact it’s bilingual and has a rather spectacular key change too. And the audience really seemed to love it too! Another one to watch for that ticket to Tel Aviv?

More chatter in the Green Room. Luka sings in Croatian, Italian, English and the language of love, apparently!

The last 5 songs coming up! I must really be loving this show tonight, it’s flown past!

Ema Gagro – “Redemption”

Ema connects masterfully with the camera, giving you the feeling she’s singing just for you. With a bit of a new age wave feel to it, Redemption is quite an upbeat song, but I really get the feeling it’s Ema’s charisma that is selling me on this one. She really should give lessons to other Eurovision singers about connecting to the camera!

Lidija Bačić – “Tek Je Počelo”

It’s just the beginning? No Lidija, it’s acutally almost the end of the show! I like the beat of this song, it’s very 1990s bubble gum pop and is easily danceable. Without meaning to sound like a prude, I do think the negligée was a mistake… it detracts from what’s actually a good song, making it look too suggestive… Eurovision is supposed to be a family show after all!

Lorena Bućan – “Tower of Babylon”

Wow… that’s all I can say! Mike in Canada just messaged me to say this is his favourite so far, and I’m inclined to agree! Last time Croatia performed in Israel, they sent the Biblically inspired Marija Magdalena and came 4th… could history repeat itself with a song like this? With it’s Near Eastern sounds and Lorena’s commanding performance, I think this would be a strong entry to send to Tel Aviv! Fantastic!

Green Room once more… Mirko really doesn’t seem impressed with peoples’ decisions to sing in English! Engleski isn’t a dirty word Mirko

Bernarda Bruno – “I Believe In True Love”

A true power ballad, Bernarda has such a strong voice and such vocal control! She gave a simple but solid performance. Simple needs to be solid, but I suspect musically this would struggle to grab voters in Tel Aviv. But brava Bernarda, that was divine!

Back in the Green Room, reminding people how to vote… don’t we still have one more song yet? *checks notes*

Yes there is… great, I don’t need to fire my assistant… 😉

Manntra – “In The Shadows”

What a way to end the show! Looking like a gang of students expelled from Durmstrang (Harry Potter fans will know where I mean!) Manntra gave a great and entertaining performance. Rock as a genre is often underestimated in a contest like Eurovision, and I think fans may not realise that a Rock Song could draw in a lot of votes – my one concern is that despite a great show, no one in the band responded to the camera at all… Eurovision No-No #1! That being said, I enjoyed it!

So that’s it! 16 songs, but only one can go to Tel Aviv… which is a real shame as I enjoyed lots of them tonight!!

Croatia, start voting now! You have 15 minutes to choose who is going to Eurovision 2019! While we have a recap, I’m going to decide what I think about tonight and my hopes for the result!

OK, so if you’ve been reading along tonight you’ll realise I love music from this part of the world and have genuinely enjoyed tonight’s show! So, narrowing down a winner for me was incredibly HARD!! I’ve liked so many entires, so thinking just in terms of what I think will do well at Eurovision, I think Vrijeme Predaje, Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu , Tebi Pripadam, Brutalero, The Dream or Tower of Babylon would be Croatia’s best bet. Hey, I narrowed my Top 16 down to a Top 6!!

As we await the end of the televote, we’re being treated to a medley of Croatia’s Eurovision entries – some amazing songs in here, including Kad Zaspu Anđeli, Više Nisam Tvoja and Neka Mi Ne Svane… how have Croatia NOT won Eurovision before now?!

And the CLASSIC Marija Magdalena! Unfortunately I grabbed a screen shot just as the lights flashed and it looks like her face has melted… oops..

You’ve got less than 20 seconds to vote Croatia – hajde!!

Gotovo! The vote is closed – Croatia your Eurovision fate is sealed! 😉

While those are counted, let’s listen to some techno xylophones… a genre that’s under represented, I feel..

*checks on the result from Slovenia* Oops… so maybe showing Kaos on Croatian TV wasn’t as fortuitous as they hoped it would be…

Ad break time! Buy things! The economy needs you!!

And we’re back in Opatija for the results… hopefully!

Or time for another singer to take to the stage!

I think now we might be getting some results…

Here we go, Dubrovnik voting first!

The Dream gets the first 12!

Šibenik gives 12 to All I Really Want! Awww ❤

Osijek give 12 to Redemption! These points are going everywhere!

Pula is up now… try not to laugh too much Romanian speakers… 😉

All I Really Want gets 12 from Pula – her lead is growing!

Rijeka gives 12 to The Dream!

Scoreboard at the half way point – All I Really Want in the lead, The Dream and Tower of Babylon coming up fast behind!

Split gives 12 to The Dream – doesn’t Jacques Houdek look happy!

Zadar up next – gorgeous city, was there last year!

In The Shadows gets 12 from Zadar!

I love counting the votes like this, they’re going everywhere and I can’t call it yet!

Varaždin and Čakovec gives 12 to Don’t Give Up!

It’s also nice they tell you who was on each jury around the country 🙂

Vukovar is the penultimate jury… and they give 12 to I Believe In True Love!

The capital Zagreb is the last jury… may the odds be ever in your favour, Dora singers! 😉

So these are the results from the regional juries in Croatia. The Dream is leading, but it’s still close between Tower of Babylon, All I Really Want and Redemption… the public vote could still change all of this!

Let’s find out… Tek Je Pocelo gets 1 from the Televote

2 goes to Don’t Give Up

3 goes to I Believe In True Love

4 goes to Redemption

5 goes to Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu

6 goes to Vrijeme Predaje

7 goes to In The Shadows… time for the last 3 sets of points!

Tower of Babylon gets 8 points!

Brutalero gets 10 points!

The Dream gets 12 – so topping the Jury and Televote, Roko is off to Israel!

“Israel is waiting for you!” It sure is Roko! See you there!

Thanks for joining me tonight everyone, I’ve been James, this has been Dora 2019, thank you and good night! ❤

Author: James Scanlan
Source: HRT / Eurovision Ireland
Image Source: HRT

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  1. Haha ha ! I love the comment about Marija Magdalena bit …looks like her face has melted , lol . Probably just as well screen shot still isn’t working for me atm ! 😀

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