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#SWEDEN:Melodifestivalen 2019 Semi final 3 #Live Blog from 20.00 CET


This is the third semi final of Melodifestivalen  coming from the Tegera Arena in Leksand , Sweden and  the third set of  seven songs all with  the aim of becoming the Swedish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel-Aviv in May . The seven hopefuls this week are :

  1. Lovers of Valdaro-Somebody wants
  2. Dolly Style – Habibi
  3. Martin Stenmarck – Låt skiten brinna
  4. Lina Hedlund – Victorious
  5. Omar Rudberg – Om om och om igen
  6. Rebecka Karlsson – Who I Am
  7. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken

Join me , Sarah from 20.00  CET  19.00 GMT  by regularly refreshing the page . I will be guiding you through the evening with my thoughts and opinions on the acts  and the show as a whole.  . Please do feel free to leave comments if you wish to . You can also follow the events from Leksand  HERE.


Good evening Europe, Good Morning Australia ! So , we are shortly going to go live to Leksand, Sweden, where we will tonight find out who the lucky acts are who will either go direct to the Final of Melodifestivalen or to Andra Chansen ( second chance) . The presenters tonight will be , as in the last two heats, Sarah Dawn Finer, Kodjo Akolar, Marika Carlsson, Eric Saade.  Just for information, I don’t speak any Swedish , but hopefully will be able follow what’s going on during tonight’s proceedings Should be fun! Sit back and relax and please feel free to comment during the blog .

So now we’re starting with the hosts having a little sketch , which I don’t understand word of . Now  we have Eric on stage singing joined by a nice little chorus on stage singing ……lalala! Eric seems to be taking prime role in the opening this evening .

Now joined by Marika  and Kodjo  on stage -recapping last week. Now introducing the first act


So here we go. A four man group with a lead singer who reminds me a lot of Seann Walsh, who was in Strictly Come Dancing ( UK viewers will probably know who I mean !). It’s very electro -pop which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 80’s and 90’s .A bit repetitive in parts, doesn’t really stand out for me .


Well, if you  want something that takes you back to the era of the Spice girls, this is it! Dolly style are 3 ladies , who are quite bizarrely dressed , long pink, blue and purple wigs  with a style resembling that of Netta in Lisbon . Matching outfits…all very bright . A bit repetitive with Habibi, Habibi ….I don’t think this would make it in Tel-Avi, but then again what do I know ?


Those who remember KYIV 2005 will recall Martin , who has the not so great record of  being responsible for Sweden spending a year in the semis for the first time in the days when the rules when the top 10 in the previous year went straight  to the following year’s final . But the swedes seem to have forgiven him and he’s back .Looks very different from in 2005 , his vocals seem better and the song is a nice slightly uptempo ballad . He’s alone on stage in a dark background . It’s an ok song and the crowd seem to like him but with so many male artists going to Tel Aviv already , this could get lost easily .


Lina is alone on stage , dressed in a bright pink suit , again a dark atmosphere on stage . She’s stood on the top of a set of steps, which reminds me a lot of Cascada’s  ( Germany ) staging in 2013 .She’s joined by 4 backing dancers. Her vocals are good and it’s quite catchy but will she be “victorious” tonight ?


Another swedish language song which always goes down well. Omar is joined on stage by 4 female backing dancers. Casually dressed , with  a stage background of constantly changing , coloured patterns . It’s very reggae like  and something different .


Not to be confused with Where I am , sung by Anja for Denmark in 2017 , Rebeka is joined on stage  , again a dark atmosphere, which seems to be the theme of the night so far, by a ballet dancer ….but thankfully not stuck in a piano like the one who was in for Russia in 2006 with Dima Bilan . Dressed in black , Rebeka gives a sound performance. Should qualify .


I still feel to this day that had Mans not been around in 2015, this man would have been representing Sweden in 2015. He always brings something different to his performances and tonight is no exception.Stage has a very relaxing looking icey /blue background and Jon Henrik dressed in all white .Four backing dancers also in white and flames around the front of the stage . Vocals are sound and the whole thing is very “scandinavian ” This should qualify , hopefully direct to the final ! This has the potential to do well in Tel -Aviv

So now that’s all seven songs heard and now we have the traditional recap and reminder of the number to call for the first round of voting ( only in Sweden  though  🙂 )

Now they are going through past Melodifestivalens……including the winners up to date.

Eric and Marika now in the Green Room interviewing the performers. Lina looks happy , Martin seems very serious . Notably they don’t discuss 2005 with him .

Five will go through to battle for qualification to either the final or Andra Chansen

First results :

Through are :

Jon Henrik Fjallgren

Dolly styles

Martin Stenmark

Lina  Hedlund

Rebaka  Karlsson

A bit surprised at Dolly Styles being through but not surprised at the rest.

Eric now doing a bit of a Cabaret/comedy act followed by Diva coming on as the interval act

Here we go….the results :

Jon Henrik   Fjallgren  goes straight to the final

Lina Hedlund -goes straight to the final

Martin Stenmarck and Rebeka Karlsson to Andra Chansen

Lina reprises her song Victorious , which I am actually more impressed with second time around .

And that ‘s it! What do you think? Did your favourites get through ?

Tune in next week for the  4th and final semi of Melodi.festivalen 2019. Thank you for following this blog with me tonight,it’s been a good evening’s entertainment. Enjoy the rest of the evening, goodnight .

Author-Sarah Rudman 

Source -Eurovision Ireland    SVT 


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