#AUSTRALIA: Live blog of Australia Decides from 10.30 CET

AUSTRALIA: Live blog of Australia Decides from 10.30 CET

Today we have a first. Yes, an Australian national final. Broadcaster SBS is taking things seriously by having its first ever national final, on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Ten songs will be up for the long-distance ticket to Tel Aviv. Will this show revive Australia’s fortunes? Join me, Sarah at 09.30 GMT 10.30 CET  to follow the action live from Down Under 

You know the drill. You can keep up to date with this blog by hitting ‘Refresh’ and seeing our latest thoughts. You can also watch the action HERE.

But what are the songs? In RUNNING ORDER :

DATA DUST-Ella Hooper

2000& WHATEVER-Electric Fields


DUST-Aydan Calafiore



ON MY WAY-Sheppard

TO MYSELF-Alfie Arcuri

ZERO GRAVITY-Kate Miller-Heidke

PIECE OF ME-Tanika Doko 

Who will follow in Jessica Mauboy’s footsteps and represent Australia? REFRESH THE PAGE AT 09.30 GMT 10.30 am CET  to follow the action 

G’day UK and Europe, Good evening Australia and the Southern Hemisphere ! It seems somewhat strange to be sitting here doing a live blog in the morning rather than night time but hey ho, that’s time differences for you and a pretty big one too . It’s my 1st blog for Eurovision Ireland too and I am kind of glad that at least it’s a final where I can actually understand what’s going on rather than pure guess work-no language barrier here . Will tune in again once the live broadcast starts and we’ll get underway with finding out who will fly the Australian flag this year !

So……here we go . Nice opening scenes showing the beautiful country that is Australia with the performers expressing how proud they are to be trying to represent their country at Eurovision. These are mostly well-known singers in Australia -BBC UK , please take note !

First up Casey Donovan doing a rendition of Guy Sebastian singing Tonight again .Hosts coming on now, have to say it all looks very professional .Quite a long warm up….only just got round to the songs now , well introducing them anyway !

Now doing a history of Eurovision …even a bit of Terry Wogan in 1983, which is when Australia first started broadcasting Eurovision , followed by their journey to competing in Eurovision in 2015

Now they’re going on about the voting, etc ( for Australian SMS ONLY ) , We might at some point get to the actual songs ……

Now they have the Australian participants telling us which Australian song/singer they think would have been a good Eurovision entry……this could be a long morning folks !

Now seem to have lost the live link but think there is a commercial break , normal service hopefully resumed as soon as possible

Now finally on to first act :

ELLA HOOPER – Data Dust 

Ella is joined on stage by two guitarists and a drummer , all in black , it’s a mixture of country with a bit of rock, it’s ok and Ella has good stage presence but not so sure this would stand out in Tel Aviv 

ELECTRIC FIELDS -2000& Whatever 

This really is something different, very  dance floor type music and really going down well with the crowd . The lead singer has a really powerful voice, this could do well in Tel Aviv .

Another commercial break now ….

We’re back and in the Green room with host Myf  Warhurst talking with Ella Hooper  and Electric Fields and the composers of their songs 

Mark Vincent -This is not the End-

Obviously very popular with the Australian crowd, Mark is alone on stage , with quite a dark stage background . It’s very professional and he has one hell of a voice , very operatic but somehow reminds me of many opera type entries we’ve had in Eurovision before , namely France 2011, Estonia 2018 , Sweden 2009 , opera tends to  have mixed fortunes at Eurovision and think this may get lost in Tel Aviv 

Aydan Calafiore -Dust 

Aydan is alone on stage ,dressed in black. He has a nice voice but that’s just about it ….nice . It sounds like another song you’d just listen to on the radio and not take much notice of . This would probably go down well with the juries but not with the public vote in Europe 

Courtney Act -Fight for Love

Courtney is apparently  described as a drag act in some of the media . She is joined on stage by two backing singers……it’s errmmm reminiscent of Sestre who represented Slovenia in 2002, think red air hostess outfits and you’ve kind of got the picture as they are dressed in red here. It’s ok but think this could well go the way of Sestre and not trouble the left hand side of the scoreboard if it gets to the final in Eurovision . 

I would love to put some pics from the show , unfortunately IT is letting me down today !

Now they are having a break and going through song types that you find in Eurovision , ranging from Eleni Foureira , Lordi , Benjamim Ingrosso, etc

Now a POP Diva royalty quiz between Courtney Act and presenter Joel Creasy !

Joel now engaging the audience and asking them what their favourite Eurovision songs are . Joel does an impression of a chicken , which , ofcourse , is Netta and Toy !

We’re back in the Green room and Myf is talking with Mark Vincent and Aydan . Oh and Courtney too , she’s quite a laugh I have to say .

Leea Nanos up next . As part of their selection process, the Aussies added a wild card in and Leea and her song apparently really stood out . She’s only 16 by the way 

Leea Nanos – Set me free 

Leea is on stage alone , with a kind of circular floor which changes colour and purplish/blue background . She comes across as really confident for her tender 16 years of age .I just wonder whether she could hold the same nerve at Eurovision on a much bigger stage ? It’s going down well with the crowd though , quite an anthemic  sounding ballad, this will do well with juries , not so sure about the public .

Hosts are joking that their mobiles are older than her !

Sheppard-On my way 

I love the very contrasting costumes, one dressed like a Princess with a tiara , the lead singer in a reddish floral like jacket and the 3rd in a short silver dress ( just check your kitchens to make sure you still have your kitchen foil !) . There’s a lot of oh, oh, oh oh,s , repetition  does tend to work well in Eurovision but for me I’m bored already with this song and it’s not making me want to vote for it if I were able to vote this morning / tonight . 

Only 3 songs to go, we’re told …and a clue as to the interval act !


Alfie is the winner of Australia’s The Voice in ,I think 2016 .He’s alone on stage , in a manner similar to Salvador Sobral in Kiev 2017 , except a bit more movement , nice drum beats added in . This man can certainly sing and sells the song well, it’s a nice song, a possibility to win this morning /tonight but think this would be a “safe” entry rather than an overall winning entry for ESC 

Another break ……

We’re back and Myf is talking to a very emotional Leea , who is very sweet and to Alfie and Sheppard  . Have to say I am very impressed with how Australia have seriously taken on a national final , it’s so professional !


This is considered one of the favourites according to social media, let’s see if it lives up to that tag .Kate looks like something out of  space , a tiarra that looks like she has icicles stuck on her  head  . It’s very Moldova 2013 and Estonia 2018 mixed together and I would worry that it’s too much to send something like this two years in a row to Eurovision . No doubt about her operatic voice and it’s popular with the crowd.It would probably get out of the semi but  top 10 ?

And Finally we have the last song ….

TANIKA DOKO -Piece of Me 

Tanika is dressed in a purple trouser suit with two backing dancers and a purple stage set . It reminds me a bit of Lea Sirk who sang for Slovenia last year , movements wise . It’s not getting the reception from the crowd as some of the other performances have so I get the impression that either the crowd have fallen asleep after 10 songs and a long show or Tanika doesn’t do it for them . Not one for winning me thinks 

That’s it! we’ve heard all the songs now. They are going to do the traditional re-cap and reminders to vote . So many good performances tonight , I’m struggling to choose . 

We’re now going back to past Eurovision songs and what makes a good Eurovision song. With songs being shown from past years . May be they should have just called Petra and Mans to sing Love Love Peace, Peace ?

After a commercial break, another recap of the songs 

Back in the Green room and Myf is asking Kate if she has ” come down ” from her performance  . Apparrently Tanika has some Swedish roots !

A scene now where Joel is hanging out with the participants ……in a hotel room  by the looks of it ! ( don’t worry there’s nothing naughty going on ! 😀 ) 

Dami Imm now on stage reprising her Eurovision hit that came 2nd in 2016 in Stockholm ” Sound of Silence “. It’s a piano version , her voice is still as good as it was in 2016 

Hosts now talking with Dami and asking her about future projects and what it’s like to appear at Eurovision  , hope I heard right , sure she just said in reply ” I nearly pooed myself ! ” HA HA !!


And we have ….another commercial break! Oh the joys  !

We’re back …..getting closer to the result 

Now we’ve got Hans Berlin Boy Wonder performing Eurovision hits , it’s quite entertaining ! Loving his take of Gina G and Ani Lorak ! Just on another note, Joel reminds me of a young Jason Donavon !

Another break……..please SBS , Just give us the results!

Now got Dami singing her latest song ….this is getting tense !

Please, not more videos from the participants …..just want the results . At this rate will be into the evening in Europe by the time we get the result 

AT LAST ! hosts are explaining that votes split into Jury and public vote .Jury  first 

zero Gravity top with juries 

Public Vote -Zero Gravity 



What do you think ? Do you think Australia made the right choice ? Do you think this will be a hit or miss in Tel Aviv? Please feel free to post your comments .

Thanks you for joining me on the blog today, it’s been great to share my thoughts and views on the songs . Have a good day / rest of evening 



Set me free -10 points 

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Source: Eurovision Ireland

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