Eurovision 2018

#ROMANIA – Have we figured out who Selecția Naționlă’s Wild Card is?

Earlier today, the Romanian broadcaster TVR revealed an addition to the rules of Romania’s 2019 Eurovision selection process. The press release states:

Eurovision România: ultimul termen pentru solicitarea unui wild card este 10 ianuarie

Având în vedere datele stabilite pentru cele două semifinale, termenul limită până la care poate fi solicitată calificarea unor piese în condițiile prevăzute de cap. VI, pct. 1.1. Lit. c) a Regulamentului Selecției Naționale este joi, 10 Ianuarie, ora 22,00

Pot fi propuse doar piese care nu au fost înscrise în preselecția din perioada 9 noiembrie – 10 decembrie 2018.

Or in English:

Eurovision Romania: Last chance for requesting a Wild Card entry is January 10th.

Taking into consideration the dates for the two semi-finals, the deadline for submitting a song into the pre-qualifying round under Chapter 4, Point 1.1 Sec. C of the National Selection regulations is Thursday January 10th at 10pm. 

This only applies for songs not previously submitted in the pre-selection between November 9th and December 10th.

So artists wanting to enter Selecția Naționlă are in luck if they missed the original deadline. But why this new development so close to the selection? Well, we’ve been having a look, and we think we’ve worked it out…

Bella Santiago!

Bella Santiago, who fans may remember from last year’s Selecția Naționlă with the band Jukebox, recently won the Romanian X-Factor in December and promptly announced her intention to try out again for Eurovision.

The only problem was, she missed the deadline to submit her song – which is completely understandable considering how busy she was with the X-Factor live shows! A short while later, however, she teased on her official Facebook page:

So clearly Eurovision participation was still on her mind. Only a few days after that, she posted this… radbare, the Romanian word for “patience” when she was asked to release the full version of her up-coming song possibly called “Army of Love”!

So from the hints Bella has been leaving online, it seems likely (we don’t have confirmation yet!) that she approached TVR about entering, even though she missed the deadline. And today’s addition to the rules seems that TVR are receptive to the idea of a late entry into Selecția Naționlă,. Under the original rules of competition, TVR reserved the right to enter a Wild Card entry if they so chose… and today they’ve clarified what this means exactly.

We stress that this is ONLY A THEORY and we have NO CONFIRMATION that Bella Santiago will be TVR’s Wild Card entry to Selecția Naționlă. However, when you consider that TVR have specifically mentioned they want songs not previously entered, it’s quite a short submission window and Bella has been hinting she has something ready, it does seem that she is a likely candidate! And, if reactions on social media are anything to go by, fans would certainly love to see her go to Tel-Aviv!

Bella recently teased a snippet of a song that many believe could be her Selecția Naționlă entry. Have a listen below!

Bella Santiago coming ✈️ slay and win Selectia Nationala— Gabriel L 🇷🇴 (@eurovisiongabe) January 3, 2019

What do you think? Would you like to see Bella Santiago enter Selecția Naționlă as a Wild Card? Do you think Romania’s first Eurovision winner is somewhere amongst these contestants?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: TVR, Bella Santiago’s Facebook, Twitter (@eurovisiongabe)
Image Source: Bella Santiago’s Facebook,

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