#FINLAND: #AllAboard for the Live Blog of UMK at 18.00 CET

UMK 2018 Finland

#FINLAND: #AllAboard for the Live Blog of UMK at 18.00 CET

Finnish broadcaster tonight chooses a song to represent Finland at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. As we already know, Saara Aalto will fly the flag. But which song will she take with her?

Tonight we’ll see her perform the three songs, and the winner will be chosen by a 50/50 combination of Finnish public and international jury voting.

You can read our views in this blog. You can also watch the action HERE.

And we’re off! The usual EBU ident gets interrupted. I’m not sure they’ll like that.

Before the main event, we get a certain Krista Siegfrids to warm us up. She likes bright colours. And a good old cavort with balloons. Her song is Latino in sound and also involves singing with a mouth full of helium. Perhaps Sebastien Tellier is one of her heroes.

00 Krista

She’s also the host. She likes using profanities! The little scamp. Drop me a line and I’ll tell you what she said, but it would get a BBC presenter dismissed instantly.

We have a typical Finn in the Green Room. Of course it’s only full of songwriters since the only performer is getting ready to sing.

We now see one of the international jurors. It’s a Mr Adams in London from W*w*b*o*g*. He gets everywhere. And we’ve got former Spice Girl Mel C to come too. Are you excited yet?

We get reminded how to vote. It’s 0700 790 5x, but only if you’re in Finland.

So onto the songs…


Saara starts off in a black habit and odd blue eye make-up. Her male dancers are dressed like big black harpies. Now we get the outfit during the first chorus which is a jumpsuit in bright colours on black. And luminous lights. It’s a nice little uptempo number but I think there might be a better song to come.

01 Saara

After the song we go to the Green Room to meet the Swedish writers of ‘Monsters’. They like Finland, and they think Saara is very humble. They wrote ‘Heroes’ for a certain Mr Zelmerlöw don’t you know. We get reminded of the number to call in Finland, and see shots of Saara preparing for song two. Which is…


Nice big bold props here, and Saara in a new outfit. Think what the girls wear during the start of a Bond film. She singing in front of the 2/4 domino if you’re interested. But what’s this? It moves so one minute Saara is the right way up, then she’s spinning round. That’s quite a skill and could be a stage manager’s nightmare if this ends up going to Lisbon. It’s a better song that ‘Monsters’ in my humble opinion.

02 Saara

The wag in the Green Room now thinks he’s Loreen. It’s apparently Thomas G:son’s birthday, so he gets a nice cake with lots of c:andles. He looks completely u:nderwhelmed. Onto song three…


Futuristic Saara looks like she’s just come from the set of ‘Starship Troopers’. This song is very uptempo and disco-friendly. The verse bounces along nicely, but the chorus has the possibility of being a bit shouty. But if you want an eye-catching stage show (for various reasons) then this might be the song for you. After all, who can’t say no to a big staircase or what looks like a stargate.

03 Saara

More shenanigans from the Green Room. It must be a Finnish thing.

04 GR

OK, I’m going to stick my neck out. The best one tonight is ‘Domino’. However ‘Queens’ seemed to get the biggest cheer tonight.

More chatter, so here are the three outfits tonight, each identifying a different song.

90 Saara

Songs over, and Saara is in a different frock. She’s having a chat with Krista and tells us she’s a fan of the Spice Girls. Cue Melanie C!

50 MelC.png

She sings a very Hi-NRG version of ‘I turn to you’.

After some words from ordinary Finns, Krista is back in a new frock. And possibly some results. The songs are going to be awarded 8, 10 or 12 points.

UK’s 12 goes to ‘Monsters’

Hera-Björk from Iceland gives their 12 to ‘Domino’.

France’s 12 goes to ‘Monsters’.

Estonia’s 12 goes to ‘Domino’.

Kabir from Italy (yes, that’s right) gives 12 to ‘Monsters’.

Switzerland’s 12 goes to ‘Domino’.

Norway’s 12 goes to ‘Monsters’.

Portugal’s 12 goes to ‘Domino’.

Here’s how things stand after the international juries.

99 jury scores.png

Public voting lines are closed. And we go back to the Green Room. Briefly I hope.

Back to Krista, who sings ‘Bye bye baby’. The CatCat song naturally. And they’re there! A pity they can’t go again.

60 Catcat

Public results now…

Queens – 70 pts, to make 138

Domino – 75 pts, to make 159

Monsters – 95 pts, to make 183

99 scores.png

This means Monsters will be going to Lisbon!!



Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, YLE Finland

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