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Buonasera Europa e buongiorno Australia!

Tonight is the final of San Marino’s “1in360″, which means we will find out who will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest!

I’m Bogdan and I’ll be live blogging this event for you guys. So sit back and relax and refresh this page for updates!

You can watch the live show  HERE or HERE from 21:00 CET. (20:00 UK and Ireland time)

11 singers will perform tonight in Bratislava, but only one can sing for San Marino in Lisbon this May!

The acts competing tonight are:

  1. Basti – “Stay”
  2. Camilla North – “Yo no soy tu chica”
  3. Emma Sandström – “Diamonds”
  4. Franklin Calleja – “Stay”
  5. Giovanni Montalbano – “Per quello che mi dai”
  6. IROL feat. Basti – “Sorry”
  7. Jenifer Brening – “Until the Morning Light”
  8. Judah Gavra – “Stay”
  9. Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening – “Who We Are”
  10. Sara de Blue – “Out of the Twilight”
  11. Tinashe Makura – “Free Yourself”

According to wiki the votes from crowdfunding are as follows:



Good evening everyone! We should be starting soon. Who’s your favourite?

I’m a bit torn betwen Sara de Blue and Jenifer Brening as my favourite song (Best years of our lives) didn’t make it.

And we’re live and here are our hosts of the night and the judges!



The head judge tells us that it is the first time that San Marino has a National Final. It’s true and no secret 🙂

And we’re now ready for the first song  “Yo no soy tu chica” and Camilla North

The latino sound is cool as always but I don’t see this one standing up on the main stage. And what is she wearing … for a final.


I do admit I was entertained, but I doubt it’s one of the contenders of tonight’s final.

The stage is the same one like in the first two rounds.


Zoe said that even though she’s not a dancer she enjoyed the performance and that the song has a chance of standing out in Lisbon.

Mixed reviews so far. One of the judges says that he wanted to see her bubbly and happy on the stage.

The second act of tonight is Judah Gavra  with “Stay”

Judah is singing from his heart, wearing a black outfit. He has such a beautiful voice, but I think he’s trying a little bit too much.


Still, a good performance!

Judges seem to agree. They liked the whole package.

Up next is Tinashe Makura  with “Free Yourself”

(The live stream of 1in360 is really bad. Sorry gus, I’m doing the best that I can to keep you updated)

Reggae style, talking about freedom. He seems he’s having a good time. His family is in the audience as well.


Free yourself, be yourself! We can’t fault his vocals, but this doesn’t quite scream Eurovision.

Only two out or four judges clapped at the end of the performance. Oups..


Next up is Giovanni Montalbano – “Per quello che mi dai”. If only they would have chosen the English version….

Black seems to be the colous of the night. Giovanni makes no exception.


I do have to say though that his vocals are on point and I’m liking this Italian version too.

I don’t know if the dancer (in black as well) was necessary. It reminded me of Belgium and Mother… urgh…


Next is San Marino’s very own rapper IROL feat. Basti – “Sorry”



I must admit at first I wasn’t a fan of this song but it grew on me. The performance is simple and clean and they did a good job.

The head judge said that it might be suitable as a radio hit.

Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening – “Who We Are” singing now

Call me crazy but this one is the best so far. I really enjoy it! And she’s got robots on the stage!




That was a very good performance! The surprise of the night so far 🙂 Girl power!

The judges liked it too and said the rapped worked “this time” on the stage.

From Germany is now singing Basti with his rendition of “Stay”

He just missed the cue… and asked to start again. Oups! Things happen.

I just love love his voice. It’s so warm and I believe him when he sings. For me it’s the best version so far of Stay.


Basti was critiqued that he kept his eyes shut too much, while Zoe said that she appreciated that and that Basti showed passion and emotion.

Emma Sandström – “Diamonds” performed next but unfortunatelly I missed all that due to the awesomness of this live broadcast.

emma bun

The judges appreciated the value of the production of the song, but they weren’t fans of it.

Emma’s face says everyting. I love her 🙂


I’m so sorry again. My link crushed for yet another time 🙂 Thank you though for your patience.

As soon as I get any news I’ll post them for you.

Sara de Blue – “Out of the Twilight” is on now. She’s performing alone on the stage.

sara de blue

She’s one of the major contenders of tonight’s final.


The song was good, her voice was good, but the judges hated her dress.

Jenifer Brening – “Until the Morning Light” is haunting us with her performance.


She’s almost flawless and in trend with almost everyone, in black. Jenifer is one of my favourites tonight and she doesn’t disspoint.


She has a good chance of winning tonight, even though I enjoyed more Jessica’s song so far.

Zoe said that is was the whole package and the judges agreed it was a brilliant performance.

And the last performer from tonight’s final is from Malta.

Franklin Calleja – “Stay”

Franklin is such a good performer. I love him :)) And his voice is so heartfelt. Disney please hire him for your next soundtrack!


He’s charmed me with his voice and presence. I’m afraid though he hasn’t got enough support from crowdfounding unfortunately!



Zoe’s in tears. The judges agrees it was one of the best performances of tonight.

It is sad. He would deserve to win. Has he got any chance? I don’t know …

And now we see the recap of all the songs.

Judges said that they respect all the contestants for their courrage to come from all the corners of the world to take part in this event.

One of them said something very funny. He said that if most countries will choose this year ballads, then a “Boom bang a bang” will win :)) He might be right. We need more oumph this year.

So far I’m liking the Cyprus vibe. Do you?

(Ad break)

The last 10 seconds to vote for your favourite.

STOP voting Europe! (well stop giving cash anyway)

TWiiNS are performing now a very bubbly song.


They said that their favourite was Franklin as well….

The second interval act is Zoe with her ESC song “Loin d’ici”


I missed that song. That was sweet 🙂

It’s time to get back to business! We’re having the final recap of the songs before the results.

5th place Camilla North and Franklin Calleja

4th place: Giovanni Montalbano

3rd place: Jenifer Brening

2nd place: Sara de Blue

WINNER is  Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening with “Who We Are” 


Thank you all for following this blog and what are your thoughts? Do you like San Marino’s entry?

Good night everyone!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: San Marino TV, Eurovision Ireland

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