#ARMENIA: #AllAboard for the Live Blog of Depi Evratesil from 19.15CET

Armenia Depi Evratesil 2018

#ARMENIA: #AllAboard for the Live Blog of Depi Evratesil from 19.15CET

Over in Armenia, they’ll be picking a representative for the contest at the other end of Europe (for them anyway). Two semi-finals have cut the field down to 10 songs.

We’ll be blogging the show for you, wherever you are, and all you need to do is hit refresh to see our latest musings. Feel free to disagree with us of you want. You can watch the action as it happens HERE.

The result will be decided by a combination of jury and public voting.

Hello, and here’s the blog. True to form, the time changed, so we’re a little behind.

Sevak Khanagyan – Qami

This dramatic song was the only one not sung in English.

51 Qami

Gevorg Harutyunyan – Stand up

Gevorg sings with a large group of young ladies cavorting behind him. Not a winner.

01 Gevorg

Lusine Mardanyan – If you don’t walk me home

Lusine did her stuff like in her semi-final. Competent and assured.

03 Lusine

Kamil Show – Puerto Rico

Now here’s one of the talking points. A creature dressed to impress. Or perhaps just shock. Will a full complement of six on stage, Kamil is a sight to behold sat on an oven. Hmmm. The backing singers who are more sensibly dressed get this song going before the beat kicks in and everyone on stage joins in. It’s in Spanish – mainly – with a few phrases shouted during the song too. I’ll give it unique, but it’ll be a marmite song tonight.

54 Kamil

Amaliya Margaryan – Waiting for the sun

Back to normality now, with a big ballad performed by Amaliya in a big dress with the whole dry ice budget. Ooh, and she’s blindfolded. Well there’s a cloth over her eyes which she could probably see through if she tried. She sings this very well and it’s set off by a sun-and-star themed backdrop. For the final big chorus she ditches the blindfold and we can see her properly. Definitely a very pleasant song.

55 Amaliya

Half-way through (why did they move the start time forward 35 minutes?) and we cut to the Green Room. Kamil Show makes it look very colourful, almost garish.

Nemra – I’m a liar

A band for us now. They’re student rock? No, pub rock? Maybe a conbination of the two. But with a slightly country downbeat sound thrown in for good measure. Mr lead singer has a very clear voice and his English is very good. His guitar riff during the middle will satisfy those who like that sort of thing. This would be a good song to win, and maybe bop to at the Euroclub.

56 Nemra.png

Mariam – Fade

There’s more dry ice here, but not as much. Her schtick appears to be singing in profile for parts of the song. Not all of it though. She has a very good voice, but this is a challenging song and she just about manages it. Mariam does perform this very well, but I can’t help thinking it’s either a bit dated, or sounds like it’s come from Malta. But on balance, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

57 Mariam

Mger Armenia – Forever

A song that starts with a flute? It must be Armenia. Perhaps the dry ice budget is quite big, as there’s more here. There’s a dancer in a bedsheet that eventually gets cast off. There are lots of long notes and repetition in the chorus and he wants to ‘leave forever’. Maybe it should be ‘live’. It does have a little charm in that there’s that hook there. But it’s also a song that’s been stretched to fill three minutes.

05 Mger

Robert Koloyan – Get away with us

No dry ice you’ll be pleased to know. The motif is black and white and chessboards. It’s different. The song takes a while to get going, but has a better chorus. The backing dancers get in on the act and do that thing where they stand behind the singer and make faces. The style is therefore better than the substance, with its slick choreography. I’m not convinced, even with the key change and audible claps from the audience.  Or maybe they’re dubbed on.

58 Mger

Asmil Shiroyan – You and I

Finally we get something upbeat. Very europop and very catchy. But maybe too Cascada. No, wait, there’s something about this, even if the dancer is wearing a glitter ball on his head (think ‘Dancing shoulders’ – go on, Google it). This is really instant and despite just about hitting the notes, this comes across very well. This could be a floor filler at any Eurodisco. If she can hit the notes this could be a winner.

59 song 19

That’s all the songs, so we get the usual reprise of them whilst the lines for the public are thrown open for 20 minutes.

Over to the Green Room we get an impromptu version of ‘Rise like a phoenix’. Not bad either. And ‘Euphoria’. That may need a bit of work if Gevorg (song 2) wants to make a career impersonating Loreen.

Then to the stage. It’s a traditional orchestra playing Eurovision classics. The sublime ‘Lejla’ by Hari Mata Hari is first. ‘Wild dances’ is next. We also get ‘Secret combination’ (I think), ‘My number one’, ‘Fairytale’, ‘Rise like a phoenix’, and ‘Ninanajna’. I suppose ‘Woki mit Dein Popo’ might have been beyond even this band of professionals.

60 Band

It appears that we might get the results broken down for us tonight, rather than just an announcement of the winner.

Phone lines have closed after a speedy 20 minutes, so now we get to see backstage and rehearsal hi-jinks. All buttons, lights and serious-looking people.

We now speak to a fan. None other that William Lee Adams. He’s waxing lyrical about the whole Depi Evratesil experience. And flatbread from Kamil Show. Nice.

Next we get a retrospective of the shenanigans in Kyiv. Artsvik and her team did loads of fun stuff. And she’s here tonight! She sings ‘Fly with me’ from last year, and her latest song too.

61 Artsvik

More Green Room chatter, and Kamil Show is starting to get on everyone’s nerves now. Or maybe it’s just me.

We’re now getting Armenia’s story in JESC. EI provides a full service at JESC in November. Tune in around that time for our coverage.

It’s now results time. We get the jury result first.

Seval Khanagyan is on 12 points. Nemra on 10 points

99 jury scores.png

And with the public vote…

99 total scores



The winner is Seval Khanagyan!

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Armenian Public TV

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