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Julia Samoylova Says She is to Represent Russia at Eurovision 2018

Who will represent Russia at Eurovision 2018? Well it looks like we may an the answer from the artist themselves!

Julia Samoylova has just tweeted that she is preparing for Eurovision 2018.

In case you don’t speak Russian then let me help you out. The tweet reads

“We started preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018! Hooray! We met the team with and discussed the future issue. The song has already been chosen, so we are working!”

In case you are wondering golubev01 is Producer Alexey K. Golubev. Samoylova was supposed to represent Russia at Eurovison last year in Kyiv but a little thing called politics got in the way

The Russian Delegation or Channel 1 in Russia are yet to confirm that Julia will be competing in Lisbon. We wait with baited breath 🙂

In the meantime you can enjoy Julia’s entry that never was from last year ‘Flame Is Burning’. Let’s hope the flame doesn’t burn out again!

Source : Julia Samoylova Twitter 

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